AM2 X2 Price cuts @newegg

Newegg finally reduced the prices on AMD X2’s.
A 3800 X2 Retail is 169.00

w/free shipping

da egg started cutting prices on the 1MB chips too:

3700 San Diego $149

4000 San Diego $225

X2 4400 Toledo $259

FX-62 $858

Not enough of a discount to make it attractive.

Among dual-core, single-chip platforms, you’ll be much better off with a low-end, $250 Conroe like E6400.

AMD is doomed to be the underdog again for at least 1.5 years. Probably longer.

comparing these 2 deals I would still have to go for the amd, it’s close

now if ddr2 was worth a crap it might be different, but at those high cas levels?

Agreed :iagree:

dont forget the cost of ddr2 and conroe compatible mobos

I still like the Pent D 805 while I’m waiting for the smoke to clear. It easily overclocks to a stable 3.8G with a little additional cooling. And the best part is it can be had from Newegg now for only $97 shipped. :slight_smile:

prices continue to plumit,

3700 is now $105
4000 is $139
X2 3800 is $154
X2 4400 is $250

Still waiting for this one to go lower. :frowning:

since they are dropping those from the line, I doubt they will drop much, get
the 4200, it’s only 5% slower on average if that

yup, me too, thats the one I’ve had my eye on since the X2s came out, but I don’t know how long I could resist if the X2 3800 ever dips below $100 :bigsmile:

It’s all about the 1MB cache for me. :iagree: I’ll get one either way… just want it to drop below $200.00 and i’ll be all over it. :bigsmile:

If the X2 4400+ drops below sub $200, I might get it since it is one of a few X2 processor with 2 meg of cache, the newer ones from AMD only have 512k X 2 to make it price competative with the new intel processor. And that way I dont have to upgrade the whole lot since I am still on socket 939.

Well i just checked and it went up $9.00 to $259.00 :sad:



Newegg has my AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ down to $188 with free shipping-

We are headed towards my $100 price point at a pretty good pace-eh!

up to $265 now :sad: :sad:

looks like we’ll have to settle for 2x512k…that is unless opty’s start coming down :bigsmile:

They are discontinuing the 1MB cache chips as they are not needed in AMD CPUs. With the memory controller on the chip, the distance is not as far as in the Intels. If you really think you want one don’t wait too long.


eWiz - has the x2 4400+ for $230 Shipped here:

Which is a great deal - if you are outside California-

Monarch Computer in Georgia at $238 Shipped is best - if you are in California (can be found through!

Due to short supply - ordered mine tonight-eh!

monarch was 255$ Mon nite, prices are still jumping around, dual core opterons aren’t budging much if any