Am new to this so if i have put this in the wrong place just say but i need some help with burning a movie off my hard drive onto a dvd-r?

off my hard drive onto a dvd-r? but the movie is an avi file and i have tried converting it and now its a movie file mpeg … but it only goes onto a cd-r and that snot enough room please help i have been searching for days

Try converting the avi file to dvd-video using DVDFlick, AVStoDVD or FAVC. All of those programs are free to download and use without restriction. All can use ImgBurn to automatically burn to a disk. ImgBurn is also free to use.

Which dvd burner do you have?

Use good media, we often recommend Verbatim 16x as a safe choice. Burn at a moderate speed with these disks, say 8x or 12x.

ok cheers not sure what burner … its a dvdr/rw rw dvd-rrewritable and then compact disc re-writable sooo i dunno

just tried that image one and it didnt work … :frowning:

All right, lets do this one step at a time.

Download AVStoDVD.

Start AVStoDVD. Click on the green cross on the right side to Add a Title. Navigate to where you avi file is and import it into AVStoDVD.

Since you’ve used the word cheers I suspect you are in Great Britain? If so, you need to go into Settings and make sure the program is going to output a PAL dvd for you. So hit Settings, Audio/Video tab, then change the DVD Standard to PAL if necessary.

Standard setting in AVStoDVD is to output to a dvd in file form. You can change this to burn straight to a disk or make an ISO. For this experiment, lets just go with everything in standard form.

Hit Start. You will get a finished dvd video in My Documents. It will be in file form, with a Video_TS folder. You can burn this folder as dvd video using ImgBurn. Follow this guide:

You can of course change the output and have AVStoDVD handle the burning as well. Just look under Output and change from DVD Folder Structure to Burn DVD.