Am I understanding this right?

It seems that a high-end burner can make a perfect copy of your favorite movie, but there’s still no guarantee that the DVD player on the TV will play it. The best chance of success is to use ‘bitsetting’ so the player sees a DVD-ROM (or, so I read). So what media is needed to use ‘bitsetting’?
Is there any chance there’s a site where I can enter “NEC 3550A” and “SANYO DVW-7200 DVD/VHS Player”, and get a list of media known to work? Or is this really a game of trial and error? Thanks for any input. can help you your stand alone dvd player, bitsetting is cool and and can help if you burning +r media, my best advice, read here…try a few burns with the hardware you have…and learn what your set top player like,as well as learning to burn on the way…:slight_smile:

Here is the result for a search on your DVD player.

Looks like you will have to stick to good quality -R discs but +R seems to have not been tested yet (you can always test them and post the results). As the drive only reads -R discs bit setting wont affect you (bitsetting only works on +R(W) discs)

It’s SORT OF a game of chance, I confess. Blank DVD’s are not as well supported by hardware as blank CD’s. But even in the world of blank CD’s, you’ll find players that dislike certain (or all) blanks.

The odds that you won’t find ANY media that works with both your burner and your player are slim. My advice? Buy some good quality (Fuji, Verbatim) blanks of both kinds (+R and -R), a handful of each. Don’t go overboard, but it’s worth $10 to make a few backups and figure it out. Once you’ve found media that your burner and your player both like, stick with it!

My 3550/4550 allows book type Rom in Nero for +R media! Have you tried this or the Auto setting?

The specs from NEC don’t show my 3550A as having Firmware to support book type. That’s what I’ve been educating myself on this morning. It looks like Liggy’s will work, but that raises a question. In those instances that flashing the burner destroys it, was it because the person didn’t follow instructions exactly? Or is there a % of burners that are sure to get ruined?

By the way… I’m the guy that’s been trying to do all this cool stuff with a Pentium II @ 266 MHz. You guys convinced me that aint gonna happen. I’m looking at my shiny, new Sempron 2800+ that came Friday. Monday I’ll get the ASUS K8N-E, 1 GB of RAM, and an ASUS V9520/TD GeForce FX 5200, which should bring my 19" ViewSonic to life!
I just want to get some media today in preparation for tomorrow. I appreciate all you guys help.

the fuji or verbatim suggestion wasa good one, 5 or 10 pack of each. Regardless of what your set top player likes, you can use the rest for data back-up…:slight_smile: If possible, make sure by the upc code that the media is marked “made in japan”. If you luck out that, almost a slam dunk garuntee your starting off with quality TY blanks…:slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve got a note here on TY and how to identify it by the markings on the disc. It was in a Post or Article written by “pollushon”. Don’t remember which site. I’ll go hunt for that and I think I’ll be all set. I know I’m just a bunch of ???, ??, ???, but I’m learning.

We all are, and by helping…we all learn here…:slight_smile:

It does and I have one! need a screen shot eh! LOL

PS 3550 and 4550 are the same except for RAM!

shot eh!

Thanks etp. Someone told me I would have to flash my drive. Now I don’t know. I found my driver version but don’t know how/where to find firmware version. Help?

Go to the NEC support link and download your FW for the 3550 and update! Or go to the NEC sub forum in this forum and find the link to Liggy and Dees site! They will have all kinds of FW for you! Enjoy!