Am I understanding the potential of an 812S correctly?

I bought an internal Pacific Digital 8x8 dvd burner (retail) at a decent sale price at Staples yesterday. I was expecting to find an NEC 2500 inside based upon discussions of the PD drive in Fatwallet. I haven’t opened the box yet and today I called Pacific Digital’s tech support, read them the part number and revision number and it’s a LiteOn 812S.

I’ve done some reading and searching on this LiteOn forum and before deciding to keep the 812S, I just wanted to make sure I understand what can be done with the 812S.

With OmniPatcher and any other tools mentioned in this forum, this drive should be recognized in my WinXP system as an 832S and be able to do dual layer burning (8.5GB) with dual layer media?

Is there pretty good odds that if I follow the recommended steps, I’ll be able to successfully make the 812S into an 832S and do dual layer burning, besides the other benefits that OmniPatcher can provide? Dual layer sounds attractive for the data and file storage that I’d like to do with the burner.

The 812S comes with Sonic MyDVD. Should I use that or just get something like Nero Ultra? Do you think Sonic MyDVD would coexist okay with the OEM Nero 5.5 that came bundled with a CDRW that I have?

It seems the home audio dvd players that I have support primarily DVD-R. Is the 812S/832S okay for making DVD-R burns if I use decent media? I bought some Sony DVD-R 1x-4x, 4.7GB to try out along with the drive.

In actuality, I’ll probably use the drive more for data and photo storage than some of the other things people do with the burners. But if the chances are that I can successfully convert it into a dual layer capable burner, then it sounds like a good drive to me.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


I have done the 812 to 832 conversion and WinXP recognizes it as a 832S, as do all the burning programs I use, DVDShrink, Nero Ultra, Ulead Video Studio 7 to name a few.

There have been a lot of negative comments about the 812 and DVD-R. To this point I havn’t experienced any problems using Ritek G04 DVD-R media. In fact quite the opposite my drive loves this stuff @4X. The same is true for TDK branded RICOHJPNR01 +R discs.

Add to this the fact that I can get DL support for free and I have nothing bad to say about this drive. Hope this helps.

With bitsetting, +R is even more compatible with -R.

And LiteOn -R isn’t bad. Just has poor write strategies… which can be worked around… :wink: