Am I too stupid to use Intervideo DVDCopy?

In article there’s a link to a test of various transcoders, located at

In this review, a software called ‘Intervideo DVDCopy’ clearly comes off as the winner. What they say in this article sounds convincing and plausible to me.

I was using DVDShrink before, but after the test attests rather shitty quality, I was downloading a trial version of Intervideo’s DVDCopy.

Now I’m kind of stuck with this software. The quality might be good, but the GUI definately is not.

After a bit of searching around I figured out how to delete the menus and extras, but I just cannot fina a way to strip languages and/or subtitles.

And what is this little button right of the Intervideo-Logo that says ‘Preview’ (or in my case ‘Vorschau’ which is german)? It doesn’t do anything, so what is this?

This software is rather unappealing to me, but if it really produces the best quality, I’d like to use it.

This is our review of Nero Recode:

There has been some fuzz over the review of Read the comments here.

dvdcopy’s gui and available options leave a lot to be desired. the gui is unclear (some buttons don’t even have text labels; instead, they have mouse-over labels), and options are very limited. after using it for a bit, i’m pretty sure that there’s no way to remove audio streams or subtitles. you also can’t adjust the compression ratio for each individual title, nor can you adjust the size of the output.

however, with all that being said, i’ve actually found its quality to be very good compared to other transcoders. i’ll have to run more tests to compare the various transcoders.

you should test all of the transcoders out for yourself and see which you prefer. practically all have a demo/trial for you to use.

Well this the way i do it, and iam very pleased with the results.
1.- i use dvdshrink movie only- reauthor- no compression
2-. take all the subtitles and languages i dont want
3.- back up
3.- open dvdcopy
4.-open source/destination
5.- burn

perfect copy/great picture quality

i really like this proggy.

I tried it dvdcopy out… The only way I figured to use it is to copy the DVD (AnyDVD) to the hard drive, and then use dvdcopy to burn to a DVD-R.

Intervideo has a new copy out of DVD Copy Platinum V. 2. It allows you to remove unwanted audio tracks and subtitles (previously unavailable before). You can remove different video tracks by selecting customize.

Software is a little faster, but I’ve noticed some inconsistencies with transcoding because there are white artifacts/pixels that show up sometimes…anyone else see these?

And for aztec:
You’ll pretty much find the same quality for any software when you’re doing DVD5 to DVD5. Those are pretty much direct copy without any transcoding. These other software comparisons really test their ability to compress DVD9 to DVD5.