Am I the stupidest person in the world when it comes to cd burning?

Where do i start.

I have a .cue and a .bin file. I tried burning it onto a cd, using fireburner. Didnt work. So to heck with it, I find out that you can expand the files using a save as technique with fireburner. All that did was give me an .iso . I am an absolute idiot when it comes to cd burning, and I now have no interest in burning this onto a cd. What I do want to do however is convert this .iso or the original .cue and .bin file to the useable file it originally was.
Forigive me, I am stupid when it comes to Cd image formats so if this is a stupid question, keep that in mind.

Any simple advice for me in a language I can understand?

Thanx for listening to me rant.


*.cue and *.bin can be burnt by either Fireburner as well as CDRWin.
When this fails, please include the error message why it failed, that way we are better able to help you.

You can also extract the images by WinImage, ISOBuster or a similar program. You can then burn the files using any program such as EZCD, Nero, DiskJuggler, etc.

You can find a lot of info on each of these methods and programs when you use our search, as explained in my sticky thread in this forum…

Nero can also burn bin/cue files

No I am the stupidest person when it comes to cd burning!My kids told me to take out the bl**dy cd from the toaster the other day …:confused:

Well, I guess the main thing I am after is just simply not burning the cd at all, but just somehow converting the .bin or the .iso to it’s original format on my hard drive.

then go for WinISo and extract the files from the iso or bin