Am I The Only One Who Rips It This Way!?!

I am a bit frustrated. I noticed that many of the movie downloaded from Bittorrent and The Pirate Bay are horribly ripped. It pains me to spend 4 days downloading a movie only to find out things were removed with the menu buttons still there(This pisses me off more than you can imagine), special features with the sound cut out, no subtitles, no menus, horrible movie quality, errors on dvd, Rips not filling Blank Dvd when they are supposed to, ect…

God, It makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking.

This is how I rip my movies, I try to keep it as close to the origional dvd as possible, never do I take the special features out.

  • Get the absolute best retail dvd I can.
  • load it up in dvd shrink
  • take out the audio from the main movie that isn’t needed(foreign dubs, high quality DTS, ect).
  • compress the video quality on things that dont need it so high, sometimes to the maximum(special features, menus if needed, ect. Most of the time I will lower the special features to a maximum, about 30-50% on dvd shrink)
  • Set Main movie to ‘No compression’ and back-up the rest of the DVD with all the quality enhancements.
  • Load the the the movie back in DVD shrink and further compress the special features and extra’s, then compress the DVD and back-up everything with all the quality enhancements.
  • Load this movie into DVD remake and take out the menu buttons from things I have removed.
  • Load it all back into DVD shrink and Make a nice, final ISO file.
  • Burn The ISO.

This is all I do, and I try to used my common sense when a problem comes up and never take out what might be needed(subtitles, ect). it takes around 3-4 hours but well worth it, I compared both DVDs and could not find a difference in movie quality. Even the special features, Which have been compressed around 75%, look fantastic.

Does anyone else burn it this way, or better? Because I am beginning to think I am the only one… Took me around 60 rips to perfect this method…

But, there is one thing I want to do but don’t know how, compress sound quality on the special features of the DVD, if anyone can help me with this I will be very grateful.

Don’t download pirated movies and you’ll have nothing to worry about.:iagree:

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