Am I the only 1 with a perfect 1004IM?

This unit is awesome. Maybe I am lucky that I installed an ran it first time out with Firmware 0047 and Nero 6.3, or maybe it is just a great drive.

So far it has done evrything without a hitch. I have written cd-r,rw dvd+r,rw. I have done drag & drop, disc copies, backup’s and video to dvd for playback on my Sony DVP7700 stand alone. The Sony is quite an old unit so I was worried about compatibitly issues but nothing so far.

So far I have used the following media with great success:-

Ridata +rw 2.4x
Aopen +rw 4x
Verbatim +rw 2.4x

Verbatim +r 4x
Ricoh +r 4x

Aopen cd-r 52x

I have also done cd copies directly from cd-rom at 2:30 for a full disk! It’s quite, fast and does the job, I love this unit!

Try some cheaper DVD-R media and see :bigsmile:

But btw. if you’re happy - all’s fine :slight_smile:

You are not the only one! This DVD writer is great. I have burnt CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD+R, and I haven’t had a single coaster (except for the two discs I burnt with v043). As long as you are running 047 and buying good media, this drive is great.

You are not the only ones with a good burner.
Here’s my story, i hope you like it(it’s a nice christmas story).

I bought the BTC DVD-writer three days ago, after using a dvd-writer by IOMEGA a friend of mine used, i got fed up asking him to backup files for me.
Our computer experienced its first crash in two years time on thursday. That’s a miracle in all, because our previous one crashed about once a month.(Our computer is a HP pavillion pentium 1.7GHZ with 512 MB Ram, BTW.)
I was thinking about buying a DVD-writer, also because i was thinking about backing up some of my own ps2 titles, because they were a bit scratchy(uhu…wright).
This was the push i needed to buy our own, because i wanted to use it for backing up the files still rescueable from our computer.
After having said that, i went to the store, without consulting the net first for reviews, and came home all contend with a btc 1004IM for €129,-(BARGAIN), plugging it in was easy(why the h$#% does everybody complain about instructions missing, i think everybody knows that if they aren’t included on paper you should check the cd’s that come with the package), because the cables just FIT ONE WAY!!!
Only tricky part is the master slave switch, but you can find all about that in the MANUAL on the cd.
It performed perfect, dispite the unstable Windows platform.

I was really content about my purchase, untill…

The next day, with windows reinstalled after a systems format, without using the burner again, i found this forum.
It really scared the shitsue out of me.
All these people complaining and arguing…
I really got bummed out, and started to shiver.
That evening i bought very cheap dvd-r, because i wanted to try it myself, and burned a lot of different brands (verbatim, mmore and txdvd, even an cd-rw) and because i learned from this forum that it is the problem media.

It performed absolutely perfect with every medium, is readable by all my dvd-rom, and dvd-player downstairs.
It was a load of my hart, and a great compliment ro MARCO from BTC.

Big thumbs up, for the time you spend in perfecting your product and listening to the complaints.
I think people should be thankfull that there is someone actually on the problems, and replying very quickly.

So in short, everybody…
I am still very happy with my dvd burner, and think the service from BTC(thanks to MARCO) is better than you would get from sony or whatever dvd-burner company, so:


I for one don’t scare that easily - except when the drive died on me, but even this problem could be solved. Hardware you can hot-plug at will can’t be real bad, methinks.

As for me, I’m very satisfied with the drive now that the initial probs have gone away. When yours won’t, I doubt that it’s the hardware which is to blame. Better clean up your software and driver environment; there’s a lot of potential in this field.

Regards, Martin A