Am i stupid?

I’m here again with my audio questions

When i make wav files starting from mp3 with eg winamp.

When i copy these without choosing ‘audio cd’ but ‘data cd’ e.g. with winoncd, will they rest on the cd as wav-files ? Not CDA ?

Will an audio player recognize wav files ?


If you burn WAV files as DATA, your normal CD Player won’t play the files, it will “see” just one DATA track, and it can’t do anything with it.

And there won’t be any CDA files… (what is it that you want with those CDA files ???)

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the problem is when i write the mp3 files in an audiocd-format the cda files are written under this form :

14H KBps and 44 Hz

It’s the 14H KBps format that is giving me headaches

The audio files (cda) don’t play any sound that i can hear


I think there is nothing wrong with the 14H, WinAmp shows 14H Kbps also when you play an original CD, so I think there is something else wrong…

*** You were kicked from #RedLand by MaStEr (MaStEr)…

Yes you are!!!

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Yes you are!!!
Well that was stupid … :frowning:

why would anyone drag up this old thread… :confused:

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why would anyone drag up this old thread… :confused:

To add another post to the counter. (Before someone starts nagging, I’ll remove my own post tomorrow, if I don’t forget)