Am I screwed?

I did a search and came up with nothing so I’m posting a new thread.

I have been ripping dvd’s for about 3 months now, knowing that I was going to build a new machine, I would just rip the VOB files, then I would burn them to a blank dvd, lager movies took 2 blanks of course but none the less just the VOB files that would play in my WINdvd ver. 2 in windows 2K.
My thinking was I could make generic menues to play the VOB files that I have been ripping and buring
So now to the upgrade.
P4, 3.0 800 fsb blah blah blah, all new all top end.
WinXP pro, WinDVD won’t work so I upgraded to gold wich will only play 1 VOB at a time, thank you very much interVideo.
Pioneer a-106d
Nero express bundled

So now I have 50 burnt dvd’s with just VOB files on them.
So I beg to you who know all,

I know I could go Divx but I would like the copy to play in my stand alone dvd player, not to mention the time to compress many gigs of vob files.

Thank you in advance.


IfoEdit should help you:

See and for more guides and downloads.