Am I Screwed?

Okay, here’s my story.

I just bought a new stack of dynex dvd-r’s and was ready to back up some movies off of my comp. Sad for me I ended up burning about 7 coasters with diffrent programs (Power iso, Alchol 120%) and diffrent .iso files. Before I was buring dvds fine with Verbatim dvd-r’s and Alchol 120%. I did a little research and found out that my cd drive (Aopen 1608/arr) doesn’t like ritek media. Did a little more research and found out ritek makes dynex cds. A firmware update was supposed to fix the problem. I downloaded the firmware update and ran it in Vista x86 (oops, later realized should probaly have tried safe mode first) It was doing good and finished “Erasing Flash ROM” but stopped waited about 5min to see if it did anything. ctrl+alt+del showed me that it was not responding. After this my cd drive does nothing on post the green light blinks but that is the only time I see any sort of life from it. It shows up in the flash utiltiy as RICOH PLoader2 REGULUS2.01. I tried to flash it in xp and in safe mode both operating systems, no luck. Also when I try to flash it now it blinks bright green but then becomes dim blinking, is that normal? Now im stuck without a cd drive, is there any way to save my drive?

In case you need to know I run Vista x86, Xp home sp2. I have a NForce4 sli chipset with xp and vista drivers (I don’t like NForce drivers). I believe I had dma enabled before I tried to flash but not 100% sure.

Thanks in advance.

Stick with the Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media and I am sure your coaster problem will disappear. As for your drive I would replace it, they are so cheap and easy to install its not really worth the aggravation. Take a look at or any online retailer. :iagree:

Eh, yeah I was already pricing new drives but I didn’t really want to waste a recoverable drive. If I did buy a new one what would be a relable brand to buy? Hopfully one that is compatible with these dynex dvds since I bought a 100pk.

That cheap media is the real problem…

Was a disc left in the drive when you flashed it???

Naw, it said eject the drive first so I flashed it with the tray out.

I had the same problem. I tried upgrading the firmware for my AOpen DVD DUW1608/ARR burner using my Windnows Vista Computer, and the flash program froze and the dvd burner stopped responding and changed its drive software to RICOH Ploader2 REGULUS 2.01.

I took out the AOpen DVD burner and put it in an XP Computer. It was still recognized as a RICOH Ploader 2 REGULUS 2.01 CD drive, however I downloaded the oldest firmware I can find for the AOpen DUW1608/ARR which is the 1.01 firmware. I updated the drive using that firmware and the drive started functioning again as an AOpen. I took the drive out of the XP Computer and put it back in my Vista system and it works properly now.

I believe the main reason this happens is because the AOpen Firmware programs are not compatible with Windows Vista.