Am I safe to upgrade (then Downgrade) 5005

I have a Jan 04 model 5005
I still have the CD that I used for my 1063 hack upgrade.

I want to upgrade to a newer verviosn and hope it will help my problems with +rw.

I am a bit nervous that I will inherit tint and cabbage patch issues, or I will lose my 3 hour and macrovision and not be able to add back.

If I do the upgrade and I am not happy … can I just pop in the 1063 cd I used and then downgrade?


That should do it…people have reflashed to an earlier version and went back and forth multiple times

Is this true now - I thought the later versions of the firmware check the install disk an if it is an older version will not allow that to be reinstalled. As far as I am aware you can only change between a hacked version and an unhacked version at the same version number (or install a higher number).

Oilman - In this post about a bad flash it is mentioned to use ltnfw or mtkflash using ldw-451s firmwares with the ldw-451s hooked upo to a PC. I have used ltnfw to backup my firmware in my ldw-451s but not to reflash it yet because I have not had to go back yet. I assumed (oh I hate that word) it worked to flash it also.

Of the LiteOn Tool Collection I have used ltnfw to back up my firmware (to see if the program worked on the 451s) and also OmniPatcher to get the media table. I am slowly experimenting with the use of these tools on my LVW-5005A to see if they work.

Thanks Jm1467

However, reading akrasna’s posts, I am sure he is only referring to a standard firmware update, using a CD. In this case, you cannot go backwards from about version 1091 onwards can you?

yup - Oilman reads me right … so I guess we ar bakc to my question - do I upgrade- so I “hope” to fix my +r/w issues or do I run too much of a risk - of tint etc issues …

(with the assumption that you CAN’t go home again)

Oilman - your right with just the cd method as LiteOn support says you can’t go back.

thanks jm1647.

akrasna - I guess it’s pay yer money and take your choice. For my Liteon (5002) the latest firmware update worked well and the green tint was virtually eliminated (still get the occasional twinge but nowhere near as bad as before). I have not suffered the jitter problem.

If you decide to go for it, download latest firmware first, and check that is working with the unhacked version first (tip - reset the machine to its default settings as the CDs often won’t install until this is done).

Once you are happy with it, apply the hack to the version. The ILOhacker program (see other posts) works well and I would recommend you use that as it sorts out the right hacks for your version. Then install the hacked version.

BTW - I use verbatim 2.4x DVD+RWs on my Liteons with the best success. I have found most aother brands to be variable.

Of course, there is a risk in doing this but many have done it successfully. You have already taken this risk before.