Am i reading this right. Coldnt be true?could it



Holly cow this looks like a great deal

look here and tell me if i am reading this right.are they RW or what?


I guess they are RW’s…but they are out of stock till tomorrow


but that more then worth it the order probably wont be shipped untill tommorow any ways

Has any one got these?


It says DVD+RW on the spindle in the picture


I’ll let you know the media code when I get these…Now in Stock…Very
possibly RicohjpnW01, which write well on BenQ 1620.


Someone said w11…isn’t w01 2.4x?


What on earth are you going to do with 100 +RW discs?

Price sounds about right.

Got a spindle of 25 RiData +RWs (should be W11) from Amazon several months (come to think of it, getting close to half a year) ago for a little more than 50 cents/disc. Nice quality. And I’ve used less than half the spindle so far despite having gotten them so long ago.


Ritek USA said that either code Ricohjpnw11 or Ritek004 should be great…ie: they pointed me to a PDF of all their media and drive compatability charts. I do not think I NEED 100, but the price seems great if the Quality is at least 95.

I have some MKMA02 and the quality is BAD, although they burn well at 4X.


I will post mine as well. :smiley:

Michael @ Ritek told me to call him if there were any issues with this media!


good question, why would anybody need that many +RW, for me 10pcs is too much!!!:smiley:


I think they are great for data backups (not whole drive) and Movies that you can erase after watching.


Here’s an even Better Deal

It’s a 100 pack of the 8X Ritek media


Not RW’s however.


But, why would anybody need that many +RW?


As I said, for data backups and for movies we put aside and watch later. I do not need 100, but the price was in line with 2 10 packs of B&M DVD+RW’s.


I already ordered these last week. They are RWs and they are the W11 media code. They are the best RW I have found anywhere and they burn equally well in my 812S or my 3500. Scans are usually in the low 20s. If the title of your post had mentioned what you were asking about I would have posted yesterday.


Confirmed, these are RICOHJPN W11
This works for me as I have 20+ RW’s already filled with data/audio/video backups that I will erase & reburn in the future.
Here is 1st disc off the top, 4X burn with BenQ 1620 at B7T9.


How did you get these already!!! ???
I will see what code I get and post results with B7P9.


well for this price if you ever get a coaster or two you could always erase and start over


now that is CHEAP!!!:wink: