Am I mad? CD-R problems!

I have had a business proposal sent to me on CD-R (powerpoint presentation). I’ve tried DVDs, CD-RW’s and CD-R’s and my computer (D drive) reads them fine. My potential partner is insisting the presentation is burnt onto this CD-R and it actually looks like there has been data burnt onto this disc (I can see a ring around the middle of the CD) but the D drive shows that there is nothing on this CD when I try to view it.

Am I missing something? Can somone please help as I urgently need to review the material on this CD if I can…

Use isobuster to look at the disc, if necessary download the files to your hard drive and run it from there.
Isobuster is free just Google for it.

Maybe the person who burnt the disc has forgotten to finalize it, if you have a CD/DVD writer, try reading the disc on that.

Hi there,

I tried Isobuster and it detects that there is a 420mb doc there but I can’t open it. It has a red cross next to it in Isobuster. I’ve extracted it but still can’t open the file. It’s now an IBQ image. I’m out of my depth here. Then I extracted again and now I have a BIN and also a TAO image.

The DVD player in my laptop writes but I can’t see the doc - is this what you mean?

Is there anyway of viewing this doc given what Isobuster has discovered? It’s my first time using it and I will look at the manual but if you can give me any shortcuts tips, I would be very, very grateful. This guy is on my back to view this presentation and get back to him by today!! I can’t believe the powerpoint is 420mb in the first place!

A few suggestions:

[li]Try opening the TAO/BIN/IBQ image files with ISObuster.
[/li][li]Install a virtual drive software (Daemon tools) and mount the various images with that to see if you can view the document
[/li][li]If above fails, contact the person who burnt the CD-R and ask them to send you the presentation (compressed with WinRAR/7Zip to save space) via the internet (E-mail or file sharing website hosting)

All Microsoft document formats are needlessly bloated & space inefficient for reasons known only to them, maybe hardware manufacturers pay them to do things this way :wink:

sounds dumb…open cd/dvd tray…hold shift key down…insert cd with shift key still held down…release shift key only after cd spins up and winds down again…then try to open in normal fashion…

it’s a really old trick, but actually works sometimes…:slight_smile: