Am I losing my mind?

I know we rarely speak of burning cds but WHY WHY WHY am i getting cd failures now? I tried to copy the driver disk (200megs) and three cds fail. they are made by prodisc(memorex) taiyo yuden(maxwell) and CMC magnetics(memorex-Black)

to make sure i hadnt lost my mind, I transferred the contents to the hardrive, and sure enough, a cyclic redunancy check error stopped it!

This has to be my worst year of burning! I would love to love my benq! but the engineers need to study more, and the factories gotta practice more quality controll… I am tired of reading failure and bad media posts…

so my benq can only burn +R and -R(yuden only)

I am gonna do away with b7T9
and open up my new liteon


I am gonna try a music disc now, then dropp back to P9 :a