Am I in the dark ages?

After scanning the forums, it seems that Nero is really looked upon favorably.
Why is this?
I tried a trial of Alcohol 120% once and ran into a problem playing any of my games. My original cd would prompt “insert correct cd”. I later found out that the virtual drive created by Alcohol was the problem. Once I uninstalled the program, everything went fine. I do have a retail copy of Alcohol sitting around and would like to use it. Is there some simple workaround to allow me to use this program without affecting my gaming?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Just make sure all of emulation options are turned off and you only have a VD when you need it.


my bad. My post should say that “nero is not looked upon favorably”. I couldn’t find an edit post button.

Nero is a great piece of software. The problem is that it went after the cd mastering market like most of the other cd burning softwares. Only a few went after the copy protected backup market.