Am I dying?

So recently I was sick, very sick… Symptoms were verbatim,identical to rocky mountain spotted fever. While its possible that I have it, its very unlikely (not a single doctor out of 20 has even seen it here , much less could diagnose it), and after trying to contact infectious disease specialists, it seems it doesn’t happen here (in texas/irving/dallas area)…I didn’t go to those doctors, but I maid calls for days (I was very sick), the health department, various county health organizations, calling number(referals)after numbers… So it been 2 weeks, and I’m still sick… Problem is, I’m prone to dehydration and or heat sickness, and that might be complicating it (8 years in the south, I still haven’t adapted, and no air at work, I get sick every summer).
I guess I’m kind or worried about organ failure (cannot process water fast enough, every piss is dark yellow), but that could be just dehydration, heat sickness (not enough air conditioning at work for 6 year4s running). I have leg pains (I stand all day at work, but I have done that for 6 years)???
I have been weak and sick for 3 weeks plus, and my life is so stressfull, I decided to drink last night (drank a lot, not unusual for a day off), but I have only drank twice since getting sick, and last time, it was a 4 day hangover (NOT NORMAL). I’m mostly ok, but very tired and weak. I had a rash all over my legs and if anything, they continue to hurt (I stand and walk all day, so it could be normal pain, normal as in I’m working 12 hour shifts cause its christmas, but its not christmas ande I’m working 6-7 hour shifts). If you google (google images), rocky mountain spotted feaver, they look horrible (I didn’t get that), but the most mild pics looked like mine. I got this
Not one, but hundreds on my lower legs alone (maybe thousands)…

So I’m still sick. The massive fever, week off work (use my sick time for my last child’s birth, got an 80$ check for the week (taxes and medical deductions ate the rest) is long gone. I drank lots of water on purpose (and I feel better, I have had heat/dehydration problems every year since I moved to the south). I still have a stomach something (no idea what), and what really confuses me, Ice cream (should settle the stomach) does little, but liquid lactobacilious from the health food store has immediate effect, and I mean immediate… It can replace the natural flora, it can help crowd out other bacteria (I didn’t take that much), but there is no logical reason that It would have an immediate effect, when I take it.
Fyi I dont have a regular doctor, and have not satisfied my co pay (gotta pay the first 350$ of anything in full). I continue to have body aches, leg pain (dehydration, still sick??).

One thing I can say, I haven’t had a pee that was not dark yellow in weeks )could be the dehydration thing, but even when make an effort to drink lots of water).

Am I dying??? It would be funny if I was (life’s hard right now and death doesn’t scare me), but I have two young children, and I would hate to leave them in my wifes hands…

No your not dying you just live it Texas

I dunno if you can get your hands on vitamin pills and fresh fruit, but start eating those. If you’re still thirsty after a juicy watermelon there is something seriously wrong, other than that it can be just dehydration.

Oh, and you can get very very sick by drinking too much water since it drops all the elemental values (iron, etc) in your blood. So don’t forget the vitamins!

Ripit…sounds like you have a few things going on…
first the red dots… are they under your clothes…and do they itch ? it could be heat rash…

and …as for your other symptoms…they are all forms of dehydration and things that go along with that…
look at
Heat Illness

just from one friend to another…drinking alcohol is just going to make it worse…you should get some gatoraid or sports drink…and get to a doctor or er and say look i’m dehydrated …i need IV fluids…and have been this way for DAYS…

I think I would see a doctor ASAP if there was something this wrong with me.

If you haven’t adapted to your new home by now you aren’t going to.
Move to an area that you are comfortable with, I know easier said than done but for your health’s sake make it soon.

ripit: If you haven’t been bitten by a tick then it won’t be RMSF.

You certainly do need to go and see a doctor because it’s impossible to make an accurate clinical diagnosis on the internet. Your symptoms and signs sound potentially serious so you need to have a proper examination and have some blood tests.

One thing is certain: you should stop your alcohol intake right away, until your liver function tests have been done and you have a hepatologist’s opinion.

I know I had some sort of infection (you dont run 103 temps for a week from heat stroke when you are at home sick and have plenty of air conditioning). All the really bad symtoms are gone (beat the infection I think). I’m kind of wondering if it is just the after math of a very serious infection mixed with some sort of heat stroke. Maybe I haven’t actually beat the infection by my immune system has it somewhat under control and heat sickness is making it worse (if I knew that to be true, I would go right to the doctor). I just dont like the prospect of paying 600$ to go to a doctor who would refer me to a specialist, who would tell me something stupid like, drink plenty of fluids and stay out of the heat, now pay me hundreds of dollars for the 5 minutes I spent with you (had that happen before).

As far as getting out of Texas because it is obvious I cannot adapt to the high heat, I would love nothing more (maybe Montanan, I grew up in the rocky mountains and really love mountains and snow), but money is the issue there (have to have a constant income and medical because of the kids). It doesn’t help that they wont fix the air conditioners at work. They wont spend the 28,000.00 it will cost, but they are more than willing to spend the 80,000.00 a year they are in electricity when this building is only supposed to (and years back did) cost about 30,000.00 for electricity after inflation adjustment. Some companies are so stupid. electricity and maintenance come out of different budgets so they actually cost themselves a lot more, because there is not money in the maintenance budget (I need a new job).

As far as quiting drinking, I can think of a hundred good reasons to do that, but lets just say, I can be stupid myself (I like to party but its more just occasionally now that I have kids). I do drink a lot when I drink though. Fyi I have a case of bottled water and three bottles of gatoraid in the fringe (bought because I knew I would be drinking).

I guess I have just been trying to wait it out and it is getting better (could be mostly just heat problems now though there are a few other minor symptoms), but I have been waiting it out for weeks. I guess I have to spend the money to go to a doctor who will refer me to an even more expensive specialist (I have talked to several people including several doctors and they have no clue about the cause based on the symptoms). doctors suck (get rich off the misfortune of others, and don’t care how poor you are).

@SS, thanks for the links, I’ll read through them and see if it sheds any light on it (if it’s just heat problems, I might skip the doctor visit a little longer).


hun do you not have a free clinic or health department close by?? you really do need some medical attention…and most health departments have qualified doctors and nurses…you need to get a MEDICAL opinion …because it could be something even more serious that just heat related issues …you could be in renal failure…or liver failure…get someone whos in the medical field check you out…just a urinalisis might could shed some better light on whats going on with you!! do it NOW…not in a week…don’t make me drive to texas and whip your butt to the doctors office…cause then you’d have a broken tail bone on top of everything else

^Exactly, S_S :iagree:

@ripit: Many systemic infections affect the liver, and hammering it with alcohol at the same time isn’t going to help. This is not a criticism of anyone’s social desires, behaviour or habits; just a biological fact.

Don’t be so suspicious of all doctors. The ones that aren’t prepared to make a diagnosis over the phone or via internet are just as likely to have your own interests in mind. The blood tests you need are not that complicated and quite routine: it’s just that no-one can begin to say what is wrong with you until you’ve actually had them done.

Agreed. And whether it’s something small, or something big, it’s always best to get it checked by a doctor. As S_S says, you need a medical opinion.

To be blunt, there’s not a lot that can be done over the internet that will get this cleared up. :wink:

It sounds like it could of been a urinary track infection.

You really should go see a doctor. While it may not be something serious, it’s still good to have a doctor to give a diagnosis.

If it were me in this situation I would skip the doctor all together and go to the emergency room.

Listen to S_S she obviously knows more than everyone else on here. Stay away from alcohol, it’ll do much more harm than good.

A brain scan may be helpful in such cases.

Nut up and go to the doc.
I’ve had problems with body temp ranging from 94.5 to 104 on a regular basis, for years now, and it hasn’t killed me. Drinking definately makes me worse, so I do it in extreme moderation. My muscles hurt all the time. I went through three years of going to doctors every couple of weeks. It sucked, but at least they have found ways to help me some.

Just do your best to take care of yourself, enjoy life one day at a time, and don’t sweat stuff so much.

Before you go to the doc, sit down and think about everything that occurred at or around the time your problems started (medications, trips, camping, bug bites, being around others who were ill). Write it all down, no matter how big or small it seems, and then see a doc. Let them sort out what is pertinent and what is not.

I really do feel for what you are going through, as I have gone through much worse. 1/2 of how you feel is your attitude and outlook. Good luck finding and fixing the problem.

Alcohol causes dehydration. Fresh fruits and vegetables are your friend. Heat rash, measles, allergic reaction are all symptomatic of your distress. Try a free clinic.

Well said.
How about an update ripit.
Hope the problem has been resolved.
Best wishes.