Am i doing this right?

I have only been fooling around with capturing my old 8mm analogue video for a week or so. I am having quality trouble once they are burnt to dvd
I have lots of hard drive space
2GHz Processor (Celeron)
1gb ram
All-in-wonder 9200
Plextor 708a
Roxio6 , Nero7, Pinnacle8 (came with the ati card)

When I try to capture to mpeg I get jittery, or horizontal lines and many dropped frames.(whimpy processor?) So I have ended up capturing to avi and burning to dvd with one of the above software packages.
The quality is just not as good as hooking the old handycam right to the tv. Is this to be expected? What resolution should I be capturing the 8mm analogue at? Any other capture tweaks I might be missing?


Maybe try with a lower res and bitrate.

If you search the threads here, you will find that the majority of folks say that pinnacle software bites ass. Try capturing with huffyuv (a lossless capture). Use Virtualdub, tmpgenc, or other recommend software to convert to mpeg2.

A 2Ghz CPU should be fine to do this. I captured at full PAL resolution with huffyuv compression on my Athlon 700 (back in 2000).

What you really should care about, is the fragmentation of your harddrive. Slow harddrives can cause lost frames, easily! It’s best practice to have a fast harddrive that’s purely used to capture to, but if you use your main disk (assuming there’s only 1 in your system), make sure it is defragmented before you start.

If your system is set up well (harddrive defragmented, IDE channel in DMA mode etc), you should be able to perfectly capture at full PAL/NTSC resoltuion without any dropped frame.

Capturing on some PCs can be a real pain, dropped frames may be a fact of life for you. When I was using PC to capture, I really liked Scenalyzer for capturing to AVI, and CCE for converting to MPEG.
But it’s all very time-consuming and a pain, which is why I recommend getting a DVD recorder and eliminating the PC from the process. You can alwaus re-author on the PC, but I think you’ll be much happier with the results from a recorder.