Am I crazy?

I usually use DVDShrink to compress my movies. Last week I decided to use Nero REcode ( It seems that Recode produces better image picture than Shrink (and I’m aware that the same guy developed both programs) at similar compression %, (let’s say LOTR).
Am I crazy? I mean is it only my perception?
What has been your experience with both programs regarding image quality?

If we could only get them to incorprorate the desirable features of Shrink into Recode…why has it improved in some areas, yet stepped backwards in others? :confused:

“Am I crazy?” — YES!

But seriously,
Shrink has not had any development in over a year while Recode is constantly being worked on (good or bad!). So I would expect it would have shown some improvement over shrink.

Recode produces VERY noticable improvements. With DVDShrink, beyond 82% or so and you’d start to notice compression artifacts.
With Recode, I’ve seen very little artifacts at a compression of 67%.
I think a 15% increase in compression is quite good!

As for why they are different, it’s like goober22 said above. The guy that does both apps stopped working on Shrink back in 2004 I think (because he got picked up by Ahead Software). Of course there’s going to be improvements in 2 years time… :slight_smile:

I just found a problem in movies with a lot of chapters:
After chapter 20 when I press << to go back, if I let the movie to reach the beginning of the chapter, it automatically jumps to the beginning of the movie.
Does anybody have this problem too?
I have Recode