Am I Bitsetting Correctly?



I’m trying to burn a DVD to watch on my PS2 with my 3500 (using one of the hacked firmwares on this board, Liggy’s I believe). Anyways, I’ve tried setting the DVD+R to DVD-ROM on both the flash utility and WinBType to no avail. When I pop it in the Nero Infotool says its still DVD+R and it won’t play on my PS2. Am I doing something wrong? Burned as an image from A120 if that helps at all…


In Necwinflash you should be able to change the bitsetting dvd+r to dvd-rom.

A dvd+r will always be recognised as a dvd+r in a dvd burner and not as a dvd-rom.

Try the disk in the A120 and it should be recognized as a dvd-rom.


Ok in A120 and DVDInfo it says media type is DVD+R and booktype is DVD-ROM; is that what I want? If so I wonder why it’s not playing on my PS2…


Yes thats what you want
Some versions of ps2 dont play backups of movies without a modchip this might be the problem
mine used to play backups no problem before it was chipped (version 7) but not so sure about older models


No, I thought I didn’t need one if it was DVD-ROM. Guess I was wrong…


Not sure if booktype set to dvd-rom will play on all models you could try it in another consol if you have access to one in case it is a backup problem…


interesting, so if i bitset my dvd+r to dvd-rom i can play burned games on a ps2 with out a flipcover or a modchip? Would this work for the new version 11?


I think we are still talking about MOVIEs not games…

You better read around or get a modchip. :wink: