Am i about to get scammed in yahoo auction?

so i decided to buy something from yahoo auction china, the buyer has very good rep (95) and is willing to ship overseas to where i live now; canada. he asked me to pay in paypal, though my paypal account only has credit card info and no bank account info so i’m not sure if i can pay him this way. i then asked if he can accept money send to him directly, let it be western union or an international money order…etc and he has yet to reply me, but now i’m wondering, if you were him, once you’ve receive my monies, would you ditched me and not ship my product? knowing fully well i can’t do jack?

You can pay him via PayPal without bank account info in there - I’ve done it several times.

As for being ditched when you’ve sent the money, you should have some degree of protection with PayPal…and being scammed is a risk we all take when buying from eBay.

Bottom line - if you’re that worried, don’t bother. Only you can decide that based on the facts (feedback score) and the risks. :wink:

et’’ say i use paypal:

when the buyer in china receive my money via paypal, which was canadian dollar exchanged for his HKD dollar, will any fee incurred for me seeing i’m using a foreign dollar?

thank you.

Not that I know of. Last PayPal transaction I made was recently to the US (I’m in the UK)…no fee incurred that I know of for the different currency.

so let’s say i pay the buyer a month ago, he receive my paypal money but i still haven’t receive my shipment, i go to yahoo auction to bug him, he ignore me and pus up the items i bought to sell again, so at this point how will paypal protect me?

i’m just making a small purchased of 100 CND product…

You’ll have to go to to find out about protection and whatnot - I’ve never looked it up as my PayPal transactions have (so far) been trouble-free…

oh no my paypal user name is not the same as the name on the card, does that mean i have to redo everything? (i’m not adding bank info but still)

I have no idea.

PayPal username? I don’t have or need one…just the email address registered to the account and my password…try that…

[QUOTE=coolaid;2043000]the buyer has very good rep (95)[/QUOTE]

The buyer or the seller? If you mean 95%, that is not a
very good feedback rating. I get nervous if a seller has less
than 99%.

[QUOTE=coolaid;2043000]i then asked if he can accept money send to him directly, let it be western union or an international money order…[/QUOTE]

That is a risky way of doing business. Using Paypal gives you two
extra layers of protection. If you don’t receive the item within a
reasonable period of time, you can open a dispute with eBay. If
the item is lost, you may be able to make a claim with Paypal
and if all else fails, you can ask your credit card company to
do a chargeback.

Have you paid for the item yet? You can’t expect the seller to
ship it until after you have paid for it?

Have you any reason to believe the seller is a scammer?

Do you want to post the item number here so that some
of the more experienced eBay users can have a look at the
details to see if anything looks dodgy.

oh sorry i mean a seller! T_T

so i send him money in hkd, do i select my dollar or his dollar?

payment to him: 400hkd (and i just have to type in 400? or do i type 400.00?)

in the send money tap, do i select hkd, then type in the 400 and send?

or do i type in 55 canadian dollar and send?

thank you very much!
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OH NO!!!

transaction detail:

Shipping Address:
No Address Provided

i can’t believe this, i did type in an address!

but maybe i might have forgotten to click the “add shipping” button after i type my address in, what should i do???

i did leave him my address in the “note box”! but god damn it paypal! i type in the address and they didn’t add it for me, oh my GOD!!!

Does he have an email, or can you contact him through Yahoo Auctions like you can with eBay (“Contact the Seller” link)?

If so, use that, tell him who you are and give your address.