Am i able to uses 2xnec3520 together?

i have 1 nec3520 on secondary ide channel as master and a second one as slave, i would like to use both drives at same time to burn 1 image to 2 drives at same time

both have same firmware??

do i need to change jumpers on drives ??

how would i set this up?

any help would be much appreciated
kind regards
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sounds ok.
does your burningsoftware see both burners?
throw in a couple of cdr’s (cheaper then dvdr’s) or -rw’s and give it a shot.
“learning by gently falling on your face” and asking of course :wink:

I use RecordNow to burn to both of my 3520’s at once. My setup is SATA hard drive, one 3520 is set as primary master on my IDE, and the 2nd 3520 is connected via USB 2.0 external enclosure. I have never tried burning faster than 8X but it has never given me trouble.

If all your drives, hard drive and burners, are on the same controller then you may have a bottleneck if you try to burn at high speed.

I can read from both DVDs at the same time. The trick is to have the destination of one drive going to the ide controller and the destination for the other drive going to the promise card. (I have two hard drives and two dvd connected to the ide channel and two more hard drives connected to the promise controller)

I can write two cds at the same time with no problems as long as source is on the promise controller. I can burn two dvds at 8x or less the same way.

At 16X I get the dreaded buffer dance.

nero will multi burn if you use a non oem version. i do it all the time with my 3500’s no problem at any speed