Am I a fool?

I built a PC for my father in-law to do some DVD copying. It has a total of 4 DVD drives, all BenQ.

It is configured as the following:

Primary IDE

Master = DVD Burner
Slave = DVD Burner

Secondary IDE

Master = DVD Burner
Slave = DVD Burner

The hard drive is an SATA drive.

I have been getting nothing but errors when trying to make 3 copies from a DVD. They usually error out with “Invalid Address” or “Write Error”.

Is it possible to do this like this? Should I buy an ATA PCI controller and make all DVD drives Masters on the channels? Or would burning it as an image first then to the DVD drives be a better idea?


Are you tring to do this “on the fly?”

Just how are you trying to do this? Is it 1 DVD in & 3 out simultaneously as that just won’t work.

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Tried doing it on the fly and that didn’t work.

Perhaps creating an image first and then burning the image to the 3 others is the better way?

I doubt very much that it’s possible to write to 2 DVD writers on the same IDE channel at the same time & actually get it to work as the throughput required for successful burns would not be sustainable.

Also the contention on an image with 3 processes trying to read from it is likely to give problems even though it’s on a SATA disc…

To do what you want you’d need a dedicated duplicator.

Of course you are not asking advice on how to do illegal volume DVD duplication are you?

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No, my father in law records school sporting events and sells them to parents. So he makes about 50 copies per game.

What do you think about buying a PCI ATA Controller so that way, I can have a DVD burner on its own channel with all set to Master.

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If you are doing that kind of volume on a regular basis, I would look into a standalone duplicator. They can burn up to 5 at a time quite easily.

The consensus seems to be heading towards a duplicator. It may well be possible to buy the unit less burners & use the Benqs you have.

I just don’t think a PC solution is really viable because even with 1 burner per channel (with the ATA controller cards, many of which aren’t especially suited to optical devices) there’s a very considerable throughput required to ensure good burns.

Tim is correct. Even with my systems which are very high end, I can burn two dvd’s at once, but I don’t just to be safe. I hate coasters! Theoretically, if you had 3 hd’s, one for operating system, and two sata hd’s, with two dvd burners on seperate channels, you could burn two different movies from the two sata hard drives, and see very good results. But it would be cheaper, faster, to just set up a standalone duplicator.

What software are you using to burn with? Is it 3 copies of xxxxx , or are you using something special that burns to multiple write simultaneously?
I know there’s a special Nero version that would do what you want, probably a bit costly though. Nero Max comes in either 7 or 32 recorder options. Supposedly the normal retail version allows this but I can’t find it

The retail version of Nero allows it. I think it allows up to 6 recorders.

Update. I changed the drives to all be on their own IDE channel and set them to Master and was able to burn an image to 4 drives at 4x last night.