Am bored latest SS software too good!



The thrill is gone
the last 2-3 SS software versions of ADvd and Cdvd are so good that there is no pain and frustration of a failed burn or rip for over last 2-3 months :sad:


damn them! someone should let them know and have them fix this right away!


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m sure ‘your friend’ James will respond, once he sees your post! :bigsmile:


haha my “friend.” let the rumors fly!!


I do some of my backups at work on my laptop and it’s amazing how many in the plant will say " how did you back that one up?" My reply [I]“SLYSOFT”[/I] …too bad I don’t get commissions for the FOX :bigsmile:


Don’t laugh.

But this use to be a hobby for me. Seeing if I could make a backup of my favorite DVD that used Arccos was a challenge. Now with AnyDVD, CloneDVD and Fairuse there is no more challenge.

I try to go back to my retro tools, but just the fact that there is a better way ruins the experience for me.

Very sad; now I need to find a new hobby.


ugh seriously…what jerks. how dare they make a program that works. they’ve ruined dvd burning as we know it. Next time I see James, I’m going ot give him a piece of my mind :wink:


Hello Folks,

I am tickled pink that the AnyDVD-CloneDVD work faultlessly.

I just wish some of these novice Forum Members who believe that the only way to make a back up copy of their Deputy Dog Commercial DVD Movie Title is to use an assortment of 3 or 4 old out dated antiquated software programs would use the Forum magic ‘Search’ button and read this thread.

Best Regards,


No idea what you guys are talking about :disagree:
Just wanted to say that I´m a customer with a licence for AnyDVD and CloneDVD and didn´t regret it for one minute :iagree:
From a newbee to the masters :bigsmile:


And Slysoft wants to know what you want in version 6? Well I think Slysoft will love this thread.


…or at least a piece of SOMETHING… :bigsmile:


you have a dirty mind :o


Janis Joplin-- Another little piece of my heart baby!


Maybe they should add some optional skins or different graphics. Heck yester day I forced an read error just so Da Sheep would do something different.


Maybe they could release a kitset version. You get all the little program bits on various discs, and try to assemble them in the right order to hopefully wind up with a working full version…and they could make the instructions a bit vague just to keep us on our toes. Hours of fun in front of the fireplace in our advancing years.
There you go…just like a typical modern hobby again!


Slysoft has taken a lot of the pain and guesswork out of the process for me – a relative newbie to the ripping burning process…I just insert the disk and then go watch a basketball game for a while…couldn’t be easier…

Now, I still have problems with CloneDVDmobile, mostly audio sync issues, but I’ve just about decided that there’s not just one perfect solution to the transcoding process to the PSP…however, the stubborn DVD’s that just refuse to sync just give me the chance to tinker with a couple of other programs in concert with CloneDVDmoble and that process satisfies my curiosity and gives me good results…One day I won’t need to use Rejig or Imago, because I feel sure Slysoft will solve the audio sync problem; until then, I’m just going to enjoy figureing out the process…

In the meantime, I hope Slysoft just keeps making it more and more boring…



All I said was “SOMETHING”. Last I checked, that wasn’t a dirty word… :bigsmile:

ReasonsNotRules - RNR…hmm…


that’s ok dentman. I’m probably dirtier than all of you combined, but I’ve been holding back considering I don’t actually know James and he probably already thinks I’m really creepy haha


Actually I think you are the main reason he shows up anymore. There’s nothing to fix yet there he’ll be. HEHE


I’m wondering if your computer configuration plays a major role in flawless use I havn’t had an issue yet.