Always half read buffer >_>


ive always had a problem with copying on the fly in nero and alcohol 120% and the problem is that wenever i copy on the fly, DVD or CD, it only ever uses half the read buffer and so a CD-R takes 8 minutes to burn on 40x…

ive tried updating nero/alcohol and reflashing the GSB6 firmware on my 451S but no luck…

any help? cheers

check if dma is enabled

DMA is enabled…is that bad? how do i turn it off?

dma should always be enabled.
what are you copying from hard drive or another drive?

if u have a desktop system with two ide channels and no RAID, then its likely that u have the reader and writer on the same channel with one as master and the other as slave, while ur hard drive is on the other channel. This is not a good setup for on-the-fly copying. If u want to copy on the fly, put one of the optical drives on the same channel as the hard drive. Be warned tho, this will seriously slow down ur hard drive and overall system performance. However, even tho u take an overall performance hit, u will be able to burn on the fly - jus depends on which is more useful to u.

yes my 451S and Sony DVD rom are on the same IDE channels…no raid:sad:

well does this mean i am stuck with burns that take twice as long unless i make an image(which still rips slow for sum reason??) or changing 1 drive to same as HDD IDE channel…

thanks for the help so far :smiley:

Originally posted by cnlson
what are you copying from hard drive or another drive?

Sony dvd rom ‘copy on the fly’ to 451S

the buffer is 100% if i burn from an image…but obviously that cant be done with a dvd, so i use dvd shrink…

but im saying in regards to CDs/DVD smaller then 4.7gig.

just tried an “on the fly” dvd from my 411s to my 811s and got the same thing.

normally i have not had a problem with this on my several drives in several systems but always seems to be a first time :frowning:

if u had extra raid channels, u’d have enuff channels to put each drive on a separate channel. So on the face of it, without an extra IDE controller, u may be stuck with ripping to HD first, or killing some performance by putting the burner on the hard drive channel. But then again, is ur dvd rom ripping at 4x from the start? no matter the performance combination, if ur rom can’t rip faster than 4x at all times, then ur burn times will be affected. On top of that, just in case while in the middle of a burn something goes wrong with the reading, u’d lose that disc ur burning. Sure it’s a real treat to burn on the fly, but unitl this particular technology gets a bit more brain dead, I guess we’re all better off ripping to the hd first, that’s what I do at least.

thanks for the info, just backed up max payne 2, first 2 discs i did on the fly…8 mintues a disk in alcohol( burning at 8x with half read buffer:( ) last disc i did by making an .ISO then burning it…took around the same time i would say for ripping and burning but burned at max speed (40x)

also wen i copy on the fly the whole system takes sort of a performance hit…everything goes slow.