Always burning empty discs!

I have a Toshiba SDR6572M in my new laptop. Using Nero and CloneDVD, or any other app such as WinDVD, I always burn “empty discs”. Visual inspection of the disc shows something burned to it, but when it is inserted WindowsXP Home does not recognize anything on it. Further more, it burns normal CDs just fine? What gives?

I have upgraded to the newest firmware (TU05), but still have not had any luck. Is there something I need to install for WindowsXP Home to be able to read the discs? The drive reads all DVDs and CDs just fine, and as mentioned can burn normal Audio CDs. I think I am doing something newb worthy here.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I have spent hours reading through the forums and trying to find a solution to this problem.

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A possibility is that your burner start the burning but it can’t finish it. In this way the disc is ruined, and windows can’t recognize it.

Check if DMA is enabled

Wow, quick reply. Thanks. Yes, DMA is enabled.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Check if some settings of your burning softwares use “simulation” or something similar. If you do a simulated burning, then nothing will be written on the disc

Thank you so much for the expedious help. I thought I’d be waiting a few days for a reply. All this assistance is amazing.

I am currently doing the suggested simulated writing with Nero. Whenever I do a normal write it always says that it finishes successfully. Ditto for CloneDVD.

I read somewhere something about disabling busmaster? Does this have anything to do with it?

An unfinished burn can also be due to a bad media. What discs are you using? Can you post mediacode?

You can find mediacode with cd-dvd speed, like in this example

Attached is a picture after a Nero Speed Test and of the Disc Info as requested. Hope this helps.

Is this a real burn or a simulation?

You should get the latest version of cd-dvd speed (see here)

Downloaded latest version of CD/DVD Speed. Here is the info. as requested.

If it makes any difference I have the same problem with Memorex Media and Sony Media. I tried different media upon suggestions from reading through forums.

Verbatim are very good media, and shouldn’t be the cause of this problem.

Another possibility is that your drive is damaged. :frowning:

… Sigh that is what I figured after exhaustive research, then finally appealing to the forums for anything I might be missing. I ordered this laptop in December and it’s been good to me during the previous five months in Iraq, but alas and apparently the DVD-drive is worthless without the writing capability. I’ll order a new Pioner Slim-Line from Newegg. Thanks for all your help, though. Much appreciated.

leturno, put an empty disc in drive. Choose Create Disc tab, choose 4 or 8x speed and click Start. Let Nero cd-DVD Speed burn a “data disc”.

Post us that screen pic after burn. Read here how to save (by using floppy symbol) and post pics in .png format.

[I]Edit.[/I] If you decide for a Pioneer, make sure this drive is compatible with your lappy.

You’re welcome, but I’m sorry to not be able to solve the problem :frowning:

Here is the requested information.

This thread can be closed. I have purchased a new Slim-Line DVD Burner from NewEgg, hopefully it will be here in about a wee (I am in Iraq). This should solve my problems as the solution appears to be that my old drive was damaged in some way.