Aluminum DVD/CD cases storage


What do you think about aluminum DVD/CD case, like this one , for long term storage?

I’m also part of the paranoiac ones with DVDR storage. :slight_smile: I use currently slim cases, but It’s difficult to organize (real easy with wallets, by the way).

With this type of aluminum cases we can have some advantages of sleeve wallets and jewel cases. In the other hand, the disks are in contact with a kind of tissue (the sleeves) that can degrade with time and harm the DVD? humm…

Thank you


The fabric in the middle of the sleeves that I have are pretty good. I doubt they would cause damage and they arent too tight either.

But, after all, is this a suitable alternative to slim and jewel cases? All good things and none of the bad things of wallets? How many do you use this storage system? Is it a smart choice, leaving back slim cases? I know, I know… all difficult questions…


The main potential issue with wallets (apart from abrasion/chemical reactivity) is the pressure they can exert on the discs. DVD media is much more susceptible to warping issues due to their physical construction compared to CD-R. Proper cases are still the safest choice, because as you say:

Well, I just recently purchased one of those aluminum cases and they store the disc upright in soft fabric sleeves. I don’t see how that will warp the discs or cause any problems. It’s in contact with a fabric like material also, unlike cases which are made of plastic.

I believe it is a good alternative. Pretty easy to locate discs and has a massive capacity.

Hope that helps you.

Btw, I’m picking up my case tomorrow. I have only used 120 capacity spring loaded cases in the past, with the fabric sleeves and they work great. Never wrecked or did anything bad to my discs :slight_smile:

I’d like to have one for disc storage. Let us know how it works out for you.