Aluminum case for DVDs, holds 500, $40 delivered

For those of you who need help organizing their collection, this case looks interesting. Made from aluminum, lockable, and it holds 500 DVDs. Not bad for $40 delivered.

Yo chas0039-

Good find - too bad it comes from Meritline :frowning:


I was thinking the same thing Mike. A little nervous from some of the post about them.

For this price, I will most likely take the risk, and simply dispute the credit card charge if my order is not shipped in a timely fassion. Good find Chas, even if it is from Meritline.


Mine are on the way. I will let you know if ther are any problems. Hopefully not, after all how hard can it be to ship what is basically a big box. Besides, I think Meritline likes me.

I ordered one this morning, should have it by Tuesday and will find out. At least it holds 500+, that should help a bit with storage. Been using Discgear Storage Cases, but seem to run out of room after a couple of months, perhaps because they only hold 100 CD/DVD’s per case.

Nice case. Too bad its out of stock. :sad:

Silver is out of stock, black is still in stock.

I don’t think the coupon is good on the Silver either.

I clicked on the photos and saw the enlarged pics, but couldn’t tell how the inside of the case is setup. Is it slotted for full size dvd cases, or you think I could use slim CD cases with this case?

I think it has cd or dvd holders in it already per product description

Heres the description:
Tough light weight aluminium, CD/DVD case with handle and lock. Comes with 255 hanging CD holders which take 2 disks each. Index inserts for quick identification, each folder is also individually numbered. Ideal for DJ’s or for DVD presentations. Can be used to transport any type of CD and DVD media safely and securely.

The 510 CD and DVD Carry Case is 3 Compartments wide with a strong metallic finish featuring strong plastic indexed sleeves.
Hard plastic cover
Inside contains 255 CD sleeves ( Plastic )
Hold up to 510 CD and DVD
Dimension: 12" x 17" x 7.5"

look at




Ordered one for me also - like someone said - if they mess me up - I’ll do a credit card thingie on 'em (Meritline - yall listening??) - God I hate to order from them - but this is SUCH a good deal!!!


I guess it holds more in Europe because of the currency conversion.

Hey Hitman, it doesn’t hold CD cases, it has plastic jackets that hold the cd/dvd’s. Should work fine otherwise.


Thank you for shopping with We are sorry to inform you that
your order is currently on back order. The estimate time for shipping your
order is in 2 to 3 days.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and

Customer Support

Funny, the site didn’t mention this when I ordered it. :a I’ll get back to y’all and let you know what I think of the case when I do finaly take delivery of it.


The one I ordered on Friday has been shipped and the second one I ordered on Saturday AM is also backordered. I think they had a run on these. Hopefully 2-3 days is realistic. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ll have mine on Thursday and I’ll get you my impressions unless someone else beats me to it (back off Mike :wink: ) .

Yo chas0039-

Mine’s on backorder also - so you just go ahead and write your little dittie of a review and when I get mine - I’ll see if I agree with you- :wink: