Aluminium case -



I plan to buy an Aluminium case, leaning towards the Lian Li ones just to make it easier to choose, as they seem to overall have less issues. Just want some recommendations.

Here’s what i need from it;-

Aluminum Case

  • Quality Workmanship, been the One-Armed man for too long now, with all the cuts i’ve been getting on my cheap evil devil’s case
  • Removable Motherboard Tray
  • Detachable case wires (some lian li ones seem to have it)
  • Front, Back (intake preferably) and Top Chimney Fan Slots (i’ll buy fans seperately, just need slots) or a side fan slot instead of a chimney
  • Dust Filters on Intake Fan slots (easily removable)
  • 4x 5.25" Open Drive Bays
  • 2x 3.5" Open Drive Bays
  • 3x 3.5" Hidden Drive Bays (really prefer 5)
  • Front USBv2 and Firewire 1394 Ports (they’re faster than USB right? otherwise i don’t need it)

So far the only one i can find near to this is the Lian-Li PC-60Plus
With a weak review here-
If there is a better review please provide link

I’m not into looks, so just need a critic of this case and some recommendation of cases that are better (e.g. future proof with dual cpu compatible, soundproof etc). What really would be good would be a case with all these features plus ATX and BTX capable.

Thanks for the help in advance.


i’m extremely happy with my Lian-Li V1000B upside down ATX case (i have the black version with a windowed side panel). it doesn’t meet all your requirements though - mobo tray is not removable and doesn’t have top/side fan slots (doesn’t need them).

google results for reviews:


Also some good sites to buy cases from, especially since they are aluminium and bending easily i need suplliers who won’t ignore me if the case does come mashed up. Am a UK resident.



beautiful case - not sure if wires are detachable.

another nice case - wires do detach but no top slot for a fan


i have the Kingwin case (2nd link). good one for the price.


Is there a PC-60 Plus with 5 internal drive bays as well the the 2 open ones, the review says it has five but the shops say it has 3. I think it has removable wires, not sure, anyone able to help clear this up for me?