Alto MP3 Maker 1.2

I just posted the article Alto MP3 Maker 1.2.

Alto-Mp3 Maker is a new audio grabber for CD-ROM drives and claims to work with a new technology, reading audio CDs almost perfectly.

If there are any errors that can’t be corrected, it…

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Very strange… When you look at It’s almost the same but v3.02… ???

What is this shit? The webpage is a ripoff from EAC’s webpage! And the REAL url for AltoMP3 is

Hmmm strange, well I will leave the posting here, so others will know about this.

Must be good crack my mum smoked when she was having me because to quote him:

 I don't want to make any profit with it, I just want to use (and share)...

Now is it just me or is it $20 to register?? What happened to not wanting to make any money??

That’s what happens when you copy someone else web page without reading it first. The not making money part was from exactaudiocopy. He didn’t…this jerk does. What did he do…just make a skin?

Go to the technology page and it talks about EAC, not Alto-MP3. This guy is really lame :frowning:

Well he said, that he do not want to make any profit! okay then, heres the serial Name Sir dReAm Code 7153798241 :slight_smile:

I’m stying with EAC. It’s really the best and free for real.

Nice scam they set up at You can register the programs right at their website and they send you the key. I wonder if any of the money ever gets to the developers of the programs. I guess we’ll soon know about it, I just contacted and told 'em the story :4

Ehm… Look a bit closer peepz! It’s Alto MP3 Maker 3.2 and MP3 Convertor 1.2. :+

It’s v3.02 :+ That site is already down, it was a fake.

The page is already down. I was too late too see it, but I was informed about the lame action at (Dutch CD recording newsgroup) Anyway, Alto MP3 Maker isn’t new, I’ve tested it a few months ago and the conclusion was quite bad. I artificially damaged an audio CD burnt of a known WAV file and ripped with EAC and Alto MP3 Maker. The hardware was a Plextor PX-32TSi With little damage Alto MP3 Maker already produced audible artifacts and a file compare was simply horrible. EAC managed to read the CD without a single error (although it had to reread a few times). With more damage Alto MP3 Maker produced silence where music should be, skipping like crazy. In short: the resulting file was no longer “music” but trash… Alto MP3 Maker didn’t report a single error… EAC was still able to read the file without any errors. With heavy damage even EAC was no longer able to read the CD without read errors. But the errors were not audible at all after listening. And what did Alto MP3 Maker do? The program simply quitted with an error and couldn’t read beyond the error… Conclusion: Alto MP3 maker is not suitable for audio extraction…