recently Nero has been messing up for me (causing error spikes at end of disc), so I’m looking for a good alternative. Bundled Sonic RecordNow 4.6 burns ok, but isn’t powerful enough feature-wise. Sonic RecordNow 6.5 Deluxe is, well, shiny and stuff, but I don’t like it’s interface at all, it’s not convenient, etc.

So what are the alternatives? If there are any…

Oh, I’ve tried CopyToCD/DVD also, but that wasn’t all that convenient either…



have you tried the newest nero ???
i for myself, and i think many others, have not had any more such problems with this (causing error spikes at end of disc) bug…


i think i had, but im not 100% sure…


give a try to nero very stable and works better than nero 6.0. i use both this and recordnow! 6.7 bundled with my burner, both rock stable.