Alternatives to storing in DVD Cases!

Hi guys & gals, :slight_smile:

I’ve got quite a few dvd’s by now and they are starting to take up too much space stored in DVD jewel cases (slim). I was thinking of getting a DJ case like this to store them. Would storing them in sleeves like this affect the degredation of the disks at all? They are all Verb / TY discs, and are mainly movie backups. I’ve tried searching the forum but haven’t really found much info.


That’s the same kind of case I’ve had one set of my backups in for two years, and no problems yet.


Buy those 640 or 1000 cd/dvd tray. Iam considering getting one but 2 big.

The boxes are generally a lot better than the binder / folder type things because the discs are not vertically stacked on each other and there is no pressure on them from any direction.

Here’s an older review that you can extend to newer higher capacity designs: