Alternatives to Nero?

What are some other good softwares out there other than Nero? Just need it for udf/iso cds and dvds, along with making audio/data discs.

Sonic My DVD software is good, especially for audio & data discs.
Have a look on E-bay.
Nero is long in the tooth, outdated & un-reliable. And that’s on a good day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lately I’ve been using CDRTFE and I can’t say I’ve had any complaints. It’s easy to use, takes up no harddrive space, and it’s free.

If you want to burn Audio CDs then look no further than Burrrn ( It’s free & that’s all it does. It’ll take all the most popular formats & convert on the fly. Excellent little app.

You can also give a try to SwiftDisc (; its a wizard, rather simple, but it works.

You might not get any help with this kind of question. every one has the one he likes.
My favorite is ONES. See my sig.

Le démuni I a entendu parler de 'CEUX logiciel avant. Est-ce MyDVD meilleur que Sonique 6 ? :rolleyes: