Alternatives to Nero


I’m wanting to burn some video to DVD+R discs and I need to be able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM, but Nero 7 does not seem to like my DVD writer and keeps locking up.

Other than nero what other alternative software is there that I can use ?? I’ve looked at DVD Decryptor, but it only works with image files, I need to be able to work with VOB, IFO, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure if it makes any difference but my writer is an NEC-3520A with hacked firmaware to allow bitsetting.


So as you are able to create images in Nero why not do just that & burn with DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn.
Alternatively uninstall Nero 7 & use which is far more stable currently.

TimC , My Nero7 demo expired is there away to get Nero6.6 again? Iam trying ImgBurn with Shrink for movies having problems. :confused:

I think I may have found a way around this anyway, as I’ve used CD-Speed to set the default booktype for DVD+R to DVD-ROM on my burner. I wasn’t aware that you could make this setting permanent, I thought you had to alter this through the software each time you burned a DVD+R.

I’d thought about using Nero to create an image for use with DVD Decryptor, but I decided to leave that as a last resort, as creating an image file was going to add more time to the entire process.

Thanks for your help anyway.