Alternatives to Nero - Data & Music CD/DVD

Hey guys.
Just wondering what people recommend instead of Nero for data and burning to audio for cd and dvd.

I got told VSO software is good anyone used it ie - converttodvd?

Burrrn ( for Audio CDs & CDBurnerXP Pro for the others.

Edit: And ImgBurn as Debro points out.

i like sateira cd & dvd burner

Imgburn for data! Very lightweight :wink:

what about copytodvd

CopyToDVD is not free.
But it is great for all needs.

i got copytodvd

If you have latest CopyToDVD then that is about all you need.


I’m a VSO Software Freak :clap:

I bought the [B]VSO Software Golden Membership[/B] !

[B]CopyToDVD v4.0.3[/B] (Data, VideoDVD, Audio CD)
[B]ConvertXtoDVD v2.1.14[/B] (Convert all my video files to DVD)
[B]PhotoDVD v2.3.7.5[/B] (Convert all my pictures to DVD with music)
[B]Blindwrite v6.0.1[/B] (Copy Media to Image File, then back to media later)
[B]Image Resizer[/B] ([U]Freeware[/U]) to do all my image resizing

I get all new versions, all [U]future software[/U] as a [B]free[/B] upgrade :bow:

CD Burner XP Pro for data and audio, ImgBurn for Image files. ImgBurn also does data, but I don’t like it’s interface for burning data files (only if it’s a very simple data burn such as a VIDEO_TS DVD Video folder). Both are freeware, CD Burner XP Pro hasn’t been updated for awhile but it’s still a good program and there’s a newer beta version if you’d like to try it out.

Another option, if money is one of the reasons you’re looking into alternatives, would be a Nero Suite/Nero Express version. It comes free with many burners, OEM included, or you can buy a disc online for about $5.