Alternatives to Itunes?

to use with an Ipod?

I hate the program with a passion…

I’ve tried Ephpod but it always comes up with an error when I connect an Ipod to it.

Sorry for being a bit vague but it just popped into my head when I thought of holidays whilst browsing the forum.

Some time ago I found this, Floola, but I have no idea if it works because I don’t have an iPod :bigsmile:

Being a portable software, you can give it a try easily :slight_smile:

Oh man, can I ever answer that question after hours of research and many program trials! There are quite a few out there–you’ll hear “Floola” “Songbird” “Media Monkey” “WinAMP” among the better-known ones–and it really depends on what you are looking for. I settled on Media Monkey because the others I tried (a good many of them) lacked multi-folder capabilities: aka, all your music is jumbled into one huge playlist. I wanted major organizational power. The only thing I don’t care for is (and to my knowledge, no other program other than iTunes has this capability) that it won’t sync sub-folders to the iPod. So I can’t have a master “Broadway” folder and have sub-folders for “CATS”, “Phantom”, etc. But, in program size, functionality (pretty bug-less), design, and most importantly, organization control, Media Monkey is the one for me.

If you want to do more research, type in “Best ITune Alternative” in Google and get a general idea of programs. Before actually downloading one, because they are typically pretty bloated in size, do another search for “[potential program] review” and a lot will come up that way too.

Good luck!

J. River Media Center(shareware) and J. River Media Jukebox (freeware) have excellent organizing functions and claim to be able to synchronize with iPods. I don’t know if they can defeat the latest iPod tricks that prevent 3rd party tools from working, however.

I have an older version of J. River Media Center but no iPods.

I was given this link yesterday evening and have no idea how it does but at least it’s another thing to look at…