Alternatives to DVDXCOPY?

Are there any viable alternatives to DVDXCOPY?

lots…but some compress…dvdxcopy splits them if i am correct

will post some names later

You can split your movie with DVDshrink, using the “Re-author” option (no compression is done)…

-pinnacle cd/dvd copy

Sorry for the confusion…I know of all the others… :slight_smile:

My question is for exact split of a DVD9 to 2 DVD5 DVDs. I know DVDShrink can do all that but is there any one click tool that would do it without having to reauthor?

Specifically I am trying to back up my Lord of the Rings DVD and I messed up my demo DVDXCopy install and can’t seem to get it to reinstall perfectly. Frankly, I do not want to pay $US100 for such software.

Thank you

there may be in the future.
Right now there is a freeware tool called dvdtoolbox that can split to two dvds but only main movie

you have also from vso software the company who produce copytodvd who powered the burning option of dvd2one.
really easy to use, and one click

dvd-cloner also splits your movie!

davideo 3 does it also…if i am correct

but are dvd-cloner and davideo 3 free ?

davideo is not free…but a great tool

dvdcloner is free i believe…not sure