Alternative to Wavelab5




I am looking to a simple way to copy DVD-Audio, although I do not own a single one yet… (but I will not buy any until I can copy it: it is just a question of principle, I do not accept to pay for music if I cannot do whatever I want with it). If I cannot, I will just continue with regular CDs, therefore preventing the majors to make money with their (protected) DVD-Audio format…

It seems to me that Wavelab5 might be a solution, because it has the ability to record an analog source and to digitalize it at 24bits/96kHz, and hten to burn a DVD-Audio. Therefore, it could be possible to send the analog output into Wavelab5 in order to convert in digital at 24/96.

Unfortunately, Wevelab5 costs around 1.200$, which is too much…

Do you know any alternative that would allow to digitalize an analog source at 24/96 and having the ability to burn DVD-audio ?



My SoundBlaster Audigy II Platinum can do 24/192. (Although all redbook audio is 16/44.1)
You can try Sony Sound Forge. Works very well and will support far beyond sounblaster specs. Has some decent fliters as well for converting records to digital.


Do you guys favor any certain free audio conversion program over all others?

I’m not buying anything very expensive if I have to buy one. :bigsmile: