Alternative to vebatim 16?



I have been using the verbatim 16x +r since they came out.

they have been no problem for me with the 716A.
[burned around 200]

I also Have used all my rebate status up and beyond [verbatim is on to me after going over and beyond the rebate limit a few times] so can’t
use rebates…

what other 16x media is as good/ better? with the 716A but less money as these are not
cheap in comparison cheap in comparison…



pick up some Fuji 8X DVD+R at Best Buy this week on sale - 50pk for 19.99. make sure the package says “Made in Japan” and you’ve got yourself Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000 T02 media…arguably the best blank media.

these are rated @ 8X but can be burned all the way up to 16X (though not necessarily recommended). 12X seem to be a nice compromise between speed and burn quality for most.


I am unsure of your location but if you live in the US and would still like to purchase Verbatim 16X look at the link below.


I have just bought Fuji 8x DVD+R, made in Japan, YUDEN000 T02, and even at 12x, I get terrible results (PIE max=287, PIF max=7, PIE total=889552). They are ok at 8x (though not the best media I have seen), but 12x is a bad idea, let alone 16x.

  • At least it is like that with my 716A and my Fujis. :wink:


I have had the same experience with this media–it is my 716SA’s favorite media. What’s interesting is that my drive likes this TYT02 8X DVD+R media (I also have the Fuji branded) so much more than the TYG02 8X DVD-R media (also Fuji branded). I have come to the conclusion (as I have heard in this forum already) based on all the testing I have done that the Plextor 716 series likes +R better than -R, and that is part of the explanation for why my drive likes TYT02 so much better than TYG02.


While i have not burned much of these Sony -R 16x (16D1) seem pretty good. It’s one of the 16x media that my 716a burns at a full 16x without powerec kicking in and slowing down. The results seem ok too.

The actual (10/2005) german c’T magazine has tested + and - 16x Sony media for their mechanical qualities and it seems that the - has less radial and axial deviation than the +


@ 8x my TYT02 burns are nearly perfect (<10 PIE, <2 PIF). if you’re not getting good results with Fuji branded TYT02 it’s either bad luck with the batch of media or a drive problem. i must say though that my results are WELL within spec and any scan with <100 PIE and <4PIF is perfectly fine.


Read again what I wrote, please:

This is my quality @8x:


i don’t need to read again what you wrote…my reading comprehension is just fine…

what’s “just ok…seen better” about that scan of an 8X burn??? it’s nearly perfect.


Ah, ok, I thought you misunderstood me, but it seems I misunderstood you instead. :bigsmile:

  • I meant that I have made some scans that are even better, but when I looked them up, I realized that they are not better, but as good as the TY02. It was an OPTODISC OR8, burnt only at 6x, so that’s not completely comparable:


yeah, can’t compare scans of discs burned at different speeds. and the TY scan is still better (less total PIFs). both great burns regardless :slight_smile:


But the OPTODISC has less PIEs, so it’s difficult to decide which is better. :bigsmile:

  • Yeah, thx, I’m really satisfied with those burns. I think I’ll stick to the Fujis. :slight_smile:


less PIFs is MUCH more important than less PIEs :wink:


Yes, I think you are right. :iagree:


I will take errors over failures any day!!!


I was just at Best Buy today and they have on sale both the Verbatim DVD-R and DVD+R for $9.99 each for a spindle of 25. Verbatim No. 95058. I just purchased my 716A last week and the TDK’s I have been using worked fine but after talking to Plextor and see various posts on the web, especially the Reccomended vs Comptabile list that Plextor puts out it appears to me these are good disks. Any comments.


MCC media is second only to TY media in general. MCC004 and MCC 03RG20 burn fine in the 716…16x works fine most of the time…best results are at 12x though.


:wink: I am new to trying to figure out different types of disk. Always used TDK Drive and TDK disk. After looking up the MCC codes you mentioned I went searched and see only several types of disks have those codes, one being Verbatim. My -R’s have a Verbatim no of 95058 and my + R’s have a no of 95033.

I also looked at the Verbatim web sitse and all of their 16x ones are the same, thus I assume I am using the ones you indicated. Please confirm, and if not can you give me the mfg no on the ones you mention are good. I think I have them but want to verify.



i only have experience with CMC-made Verbatim 16x DVD+R/-R with MCC004 and MCC03RG20 MIDs respectively. i believe the discs you have are those and should burn nicely in your drive.


I called Verbatim since they don’t have the reccomended number per Plextor and told them Plextor had 43497 as acceptable. They told me that their disks that began with a 4 are the European version and the number I have is the US version and they are the same. I sent Plextor a message. Wonder if all of the other reccomendations are listed with European versions.