Alternative to TMPGEnc?

I’m having a wierd problem with a file where tmpgenc converts to dvd compatible but freezes at 99%, its really strange I want to try another app maybe that won’t have the same problem

CinemaCraft Encoder, Canopus Procoder/Procoder Express, MainConcept Encoder.


thank you

Hi dillin. :slight_smile:

Are you sure TMPGEnc is actually freezing at the end? I say this because if you have come to the end of say a very long encoding session where say you have had multiple passes and a big file; TMPGEn often at the end takes its time to finish the file. Several times I have noticed this when I have done just that.

How long have you waited when the file has gotton to 99%?

Just a thought, cheers.


Also, if your converting an AVI with TMPGenc, the problem may well be with the AVI (even though it appears to play okay), then TMPGenc and all the other encoders will fail also. Check it with DivFix and DivXRepair.

sorry to dig up an old post. Thought I;d also recommend AVS Video Converter.

I have had a lot of problems with TMPGEnc, and have found AVS VC to be an excellent - and very simple - alternative. There are still times TMPGEnc is needed, but generally speaking, AVS VC is a great, straight forward app.

The only problem with it is that is doesn’t have the customizability TMPGEnc has, so the output quality probably isb’t quite as good as TMPGEnc. But if there is ever a file you have probs with in TMPGEnc, try AVS. It almost always picks up what TMPGEnc drops.