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Hi people. I’m interested in finding an alternative to Nero, which is too invasive for me. What I need is a burning utility to make some data or audio compilation on CD o DVD, to burn some DVD homemade movies, and so on, maybe with a nice interface. Do you know any?

Thank you

i’d highly recommend ones

it lets you contol everything without being over complicated

and it goes for function rather than being flashy.

also according to Prassi it asks the firmware what the drive can burn so you don’t need drivers to support all the different writers so theoretically you should NOT have to update when you get a new drive.

i love it :slight_smile:

Nero rules. Currently, there is no better burning software

I’m interested too. I basically use Nero but today, trying burning a DVD, it gave me a minor error: VIDEO_TS.VOB not found! :eek: I always authored my movies and I do know how to do it. What happened? When I choose movie only (for example in DVD2One) it gives me some IFO, BUP, VOB. But not VIDEO_TS.VOB. I have VIDEO_TS.IFO and VIDEO_TS.BUP as well as the *.VOBs.
Any idea?

There is one nice Freeware you could try:

CD Burner XP

But Nero is still the best :wink:

I think Sonic RecordNow is better than Nero and you don’t have to worry about 30mb updates every two weeks :eek:

ONES all the way: light, fast, powerful!

ONES is good for many tasks, however DiscJuggler is fantastic for ALL tasks. Nero is utterly pathetic at this point.

I’ve tried ONES and I think it’s got all that I was looking for. Very solid.
Why is it almost unknown to the many?

Thx, bye

Nero is still the best for my uses. It could use a little fine-tuning but since they release updates faster than I change my underwear I’m sure they are working on it. was a pain but is much, much, much improved!

Got the link for ONES?


Here’s the link…

Complex Evolution
You can burn any CD/DVD discs with drag&drop. This burning software support mulpiply free skins.

i will go with ONES also , and tried every possible burning apps…
its have everything and at the same time not complicated and never made a problem with me while burning…

i tried Nero ,CD bunrner XP , Sonic Record Now , Stomp Record Now, Deep Burner , CDRWIN … and really ONES is the best among those…

You may try SwiftDisc too. It is small and easy and I rather like it :slight_smile: - there is a 10 day free trial - full functionality.

Deepburner isn’t horrible. I’ve had horrible experiences with Discjuggler, and ONES is too buggy.
Nero is really the best game in town still.

LIGHTNING UK!, the author of DVD Decrypter, is back with “ImgBurn” a new and improved version of the DVD Decrypter burning engine.

You can find ImgBurn Here.

It is Freeware BTW.


Nero would be better if it didn’t lock up at a random point through a write. I don’t dare use DVD-Rs anymore. Have to use RWs. Am now investigating DeepBurn

ImgBurn is superior to Nero for strictly burning video DVDs, in my opinion. You can use it in conjuction with ImgTool Classic if the output from your authoring/backup software is files rather than an ISO.

For burning off audio files to CD quickly I use Burrrn. It’s a lot quicker than using Nero and if you have any of your music collection in formats like Vorbis or FLAC then it saves having to fuck about with plugins for Nero. I only ever use it to make a CD quickly to use in the car or take to a party or something and end up throwing them away after a couple days, so I’ve never looked into the quality of the burn or anything.

All of those programs are free by the way.

Great informative post. Care to explain why?