Alternative to iTunes for ripping aif to mp3? retain id3 data

Hi, I’m trying to convert my iTunes music to mp3 while retaining the ID3 tag data. I can do it with iTunes (all my music is in AIFF format), but that doesn’t give me the file management that I’m looking for. Other programs I’ve tried don’t bring the ID3 tags with it, as that’s in some sort of iTunes database.

Anyone know of a program that will grab the ID3 data from iTunes while converting from .aif to .mp3? Windows preferred.

WinAmp (you might need the $15 pro version) keeps tags, at least for WMA. I don’t mess with Apple stuff so I don’t know about AIFF, but if WinAmp can play it, it will convert it.

Why on earth did yo save your tunes in AIFF?..If you wanted lossless I’d have chosen ALAC instead, or flac for better tag support (my preference) this way you can carry over the tags easily when converting/transcoding…Anyhow, I believe dBpoweramp will convert the AIFF track to mp3…Give it a spin for a 21-day free trial…
I also use the very good and free foobar2k, as with Winamp, if it plays it, it will/ should convert it…

it was about eight years ago that I ripped all my cd’s to hard disc, and AIFF was the way to go at that time for retaining the integrity of the source (IIRC).

As t0nee1 suggested, foobar 2000 can convert aiff to mp3 but I’m not sure about importing the ID3 tags. Check the documentation and/or their forum.

I didn’t even know that aiff had ID3 meta data? But why do you need an alternative? Anything that supports Aiff should work…I’d go w/ foobar 2000 as was suggested.