Alternative to AutoStrategy

Hi! I didn’t track for a while what was happening on drive market and for me it was bad news today that Plextor stop producing drive itself. As I like quality of disks which was burned using autostrategy on my px-716.
I’m going to assemble another PC and wish to buy drive which would have advanced features similar to AS used in Plextor px760, which would allow to create writing strategies on request.
So it would be interesting to hear who are using them and how they work for you.

PS I’m Linux user so it would be good to know if drive need some utility to use this functionality or it can create writing strategies on hardware level automatically.

The only drives currently being made that use any kind of auto-learning algorithm are Lite-On drives (and their rebadged versions). Since it’s usually cheaper to just buy an actual Lite-On instead of a rebadge, I would check the Lite-On forum for info on the best models.

Of course, you have to realize that there is no direct equivalent to Plextor’s AutoStrategy. Lite-On’s version of it, called HyperTuning, is similar, but different, and you will not necessarily get the same results.

The best drives these days, like the Optiarc AD-7240S, don’t even have user configurable auto-learning, and they burn as good or better than any Plextor drive ever made. If the built-in firmware strategies are tuned properly, auto-learning is less necessary.

Thanks for informative answer, negritude!
It’s bad to know that Plextor drives are gone to past and there is no replacement for them with similar features.
I also considered Lite-On with it’s HypeTuning, or BenQ with it’s SolidBurn as it seems to look almost like AS(I know BenQ isn’t making drives itself now).
Don’t wish drive which doesn’t have controllable strategy because I almost always write disk on 4x-6x and some disk surprisingly have better writing performance when written on 8x(guess that answer is in firmware strategy used by drive and that it’s more optimized for faster speeds).

Wonder how BenQ drives perform now, as I’ve spot a lot of negative feedback about BenQ drives which in fact was rebadged Lite-On?

[QUOTE=sensovision;2447709]Wonder how BenQ drives perform now, as I’ve spot a lot of negative feedback about BenQ drives which in fact was rebadged Lite-On?[/QUOTE]

BenQs are now just rebadged Lite-Ons, so there is nothing special about them. You might as well just get an actual Lite-On. BenQ effectively no longer exists. It’s just a name.

Plextor drives are also now rebadged Lite-Ons and Pioneers. A regular Lite-On or Pioneer drive is cheaper than a Lite-On or Pioneer with the Plextor name on it, so why bother.

Like I said, Lite-On is the ONLY game in town now for auto-learning.

Thanks for clarification, I previously thought that BenQ provide some additional features to LiteOn’s hardware.
Probably I’ll just go to LiteOn forum and see what models are popular these days.