Alternative source of the Nero SDK

Can anyone point me at an alternative download source for the Nero SDK v1.03. The Nero ftp server has been unavailable for a while now and I’m sitting here trying to code to a deadline with incompatible versions of the SDK and Nero DLLs.

I’ve mailed Nero support but still waiting for a response, they say three days which is too long.

I have just tried, and I had no problem with downloading NeroSDK-1.03.

Besides that, you can use NeroSDK-1.02 or earlier without any problems with Nero 6 and Nero 5.5. All versions are binary compatible.

Thanks again for checking. The problem must in our firewall/network security somewhere. I’ve managed to get the files via a secure telnet into our remote servers which have no problem with your FTP. Problem solved.