Alternative software, do you use it?

As some of you might have noticed, more and more open source (and other kinds of “free” software) is being produced for the MS Windows desktop market. So I was wondering: is this kind of software gaining popularity, or is it that most people still don’t use it, because they don’t know it, or don’t like/trust it.

As far as it concerns myself: even when I’m in Windows I use a lot of open source software. Some programs? Open Office instead of MS Office (I do have a MS Office licence, but Open Office is far better!), Opera instead of Internet Explorer etc etc… just because I prefer these products; they are cheap and very good!

How about you?

Yes , quite frequently i might say so.

Next to the obvious Linux distro’s with all their packages (Knoppix , Mandrake , Red Hat , Slackware ,Evil Entity , etc) that i sometime use , i very much like the freeware software.

Most of it comes with a better support method (community/forum) than professional products and your input is appreciated most of the times (except for some egocentric programmers). These two things combined make open source and freeware software a better thing than just a “bought license” and some manual nobody reads anyway.

Exact Audio Copy , Plextools , CdSpeed , Toast , LbreakOut2 , etc , etc. All fine products :slight_smile:

DVD Decrypter, Virtualdub (in all it’s flavors) Gknot, Vobsub, emule, miranda, gknot etc etc.
I use alot of free programs.
Now I’ll go back to my ripping… :slight_smile:

cladDVD XP .NET, DVD2AVI, VFAPI Reader, VirtualDub, cladBRC, SubRip, BSPlayer, DivX Codec. I used these tools almost every single day.

EAC, LAME. Everytime I buy a new CD, monthly.

I seriously need to buy a AMD MP system this year w/ at least 1GB RAM. I can’t stand the occasional lag w/ my AMD XP1800+ w/ 512MB RAM.

Damn, I was gonna download Sun’s StarOffice suite last year, but missed the cut off.

@Stoner: get OpenOffice. They are identical, but OO is free!

Sweeet. Didn’t know that. Don’t even have Office XP installed on my system, 'cause it’s evil. goes off searching for open office

i def use open source stuff. i havent made the complete jump from internet explorer to opera though…some pages in opera arent fully functional. i have suns staroffice as well…great office suite substitution for office xp. and i might mention a good alternative to norton is [](grisoft anti-virus). cheers. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

nearly every proggy i have is open source. There’s no way in hell i’m gonna give my money to bill for something that hardly works when i can get it for free and it shits all over m$ stuff

Yeah, I finally had to upgrade from Office '97, it was either shell out a few hundred for Office XP or go with OpenOffice…I haven’t been disappointed, though it is a bit slow sometimes (Java?). All the DVD ripping tools too, XViD, Lame, all the free things give great results no matter what you’re doing, so why pay for something else?

@BadReligionPR: OpenOffice is sometimes a little slower because their documents are actually zip files (to save harddisk space)…

i like tools from smaller companies and freeware;

burnnn (eac cue and ape,ogg, mp3 files automated decoding/burning)

of course the lame codec

to mention a few i use

d*mn…i forgot emule

The only open source software I use is Mozilla. Why? IE saves the address and some other info about every site you have visited since your last format! I use a lot of other free software but they’re not open source.

AVG Anti-virus, burnatonce, EazyVcd, IrfanView, Cdex, Discdump and a variety of others.

just like Airhead and Stoner…

I love the sense of superiority when people in the office bleat about paying for monthly updates to norton so it can hog their system some more, or trying to prove that they’re students to get office Xp for less.
I wonder if paypal donations to software developers could be made tax deductible. I’m sure someone on here would know the answer to that…:wink:

Originally posted by DryBaboon
trying to prove that they’re students to get office Xp for less.

what about vis studio for free? the problem is, they are offering it to the open source junkies.

openoffice / staroffice (cant choose)
the list goes on…but those are the frequent users :wink: