Alternative Firmware for PX-130A

Hi All,
Has anybody any sites where I can download Alternative Firmware so that I can increase my ripping speed. At the moment it ripps at2.0X or slower using the normal rip software such as DVDDecrypter, DVDFab and Ripit4me.My other drive is Lg GSA-4163B and rips at8.0X-12.0x no problem!

Cheers Bollux

Frist make sure the drive is running in DMA mode. PIO mode is slow and would explain 2x speed. See the FAQ:

Also you might find this thread interesting:

Hi Hwp,
Thanks for your quick answer. DMA is on, automatically at 5, and I read the last link before posting and the links for the firmware are dead(no files)?

Cheers Bollux

Just because windows says DMA is on does not mean it actually is :slight_smile:

Hi Hpw,
The Nero Tool also says its DMA,and I have recently changed from the Nvida IDE drivers to Windows IDE drivers. In the Device Manager all is well so it seems?Where can I get other Firmware?

Cheers Bollux