Alternative FireWire Driver and PlexTools

Plextools pro 2.24b (and XL too) don’t see DVD-drive PX-716UF if i using unibrain ubcore firewire driver. With microsoft firewire driver all is OK. Nero Burning rom is work nolmally with ubcore driver. Any Ideas?

Hi - which version of ubcore are you using?

(&, out of curiosity, why?)

I am using 3.23.
I tried version 4 beta, but it is much worse:
PlexTools also will not recognize external FireWire DVD-drive PX-716
And ubCore4 not too stable as ubCore 3.23: hot plugged devices recognize
much bad!

I am using notebook HP Compaq nc8000 and two FireWire external drives: HDD and DVD-RW. Driver from microsoft and ubCore4 does not allow their hot
connect - drives recognize not always. (I am using restart Windows or
disable/enable FireWire port - then all working, but this much

ubCore 2.23 very good - hot plugged drives work fine.
But not work PlexTools. Nero burning ROM also work fine.
This is PlexTools problem, of couse…