Alternative cheapest TRUE TY source in EU?

Now that Xcitek has burned their first customer (or so it seems), does anybody know of any other inexpensive TY DVD+R/DVD-R 8x source within Europe?

I know of already the fake TY under ‘Hyundai’ label that is going around (Nierle and others), but for understandable reasons, I’m not interested in that.

So, has anybody found any other legitimate TY sources that could compete with the Xcitek price and are located within EU?

No. At least for now.

However, you can buy the same Fuji 8x DVD+R discs (YUDEN000T02s) from for 18.75 EUR a 25pcs spindle (they ship to certain EU countries), or from for 18.95 EUR a 25pcs spindle (they ship to almost all European countries).

OS-Mediatrade has a lot of TY CD and DVD media as well, but prices are a bit higher there (23.90 EUR for the same YUDEN000T02 discs (unbranded), slower media is cheaper).

Vendors from other European countries are usually more expensive when it comes to TY media.

P.S.: Although it definitely is not nice what happened to Koyan indeed, you should not generally condemn Xcitek because of a single incident. No company is perfect, and if you look at their eBay ratings, for example, they do seem to sell a lot of media lately, and have a lot of satisfied customers. This is not meant as an excuse or something, but you have no guarantee that you won’t have any problems with a different vendor either.

i bought 25 fuji dvd-r in jewelcase and they are TY02 at 1€ each in os-mediatrade

Ah, I had forgetten about the eBay shop. Of course, should have looked at their feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for the other info as well.

As I posted in that other thread, apparently my package is on the way after all.

In the interest of fairness, it does look like XCitek are still trustworthy. (Though they really have to work on their communication with the customer!)

Thanks for the update!

I’ve just found these guys sell the same Fujifilm TY media, they accept also Paypal, but are a little bit more expensive than Xcitek :

flavione, I know that shop, but I hadn’t checked it for a while. Thanks for the info.

I’ve just got a message from those guys who sell media on eBay using the userid “www-dvdrohlinge24-net” : their website is now open

shipping costs are 6.90 euro until end of October (but don’t know whether this is only for German customers); they sell these famous Fujifilm 8x DVD+R for just 13.00 euro (25 pcs in spindle) and accept PayPal as payment method.

6.90 EUR shipping costs is for Germans only. Still, a great price for those discs. I wonder why they don’t list the shipping costs for international orders.

This is what they answered to my doubt :

"Normally the shipping costs are 15 Euro, but at the moment it is not possible to have different shipping costs for different countries in our shop. That is why you pay only 6,90 Euro for now. We will solve this problem until end of october. "

I ordered one spindle of Fujifilm +R and one of -R and I was charged only 6,90 euro to get my items shipped to Italy :slight_smile:

That’s great, this is a great offer indeed. Report back once you got the discs.

But are those Fujifilm Tayo Yuden? In their website they don’t inform the media code. For that price and shipping costs i would be very interested if they were TY.

well, I hope they’re the same DVDs sold by Xcitek … same colour, same media type (+R 8x); anyway I’ll be more precise as soon as I get them, they’ve already shipped the packet, so it’s on its way to Italy.

they can also be DVD+R:RICOHJPN-R02-003
they have same colour

Hey, I just found these disks on (which is now 4x DVD-R with media code TYG01, Fuji branded. Jewel case, 1 € each. Are they real Taiyo Yudens and worth their price ?

TYG01 are 4x only
you can get at tyg02 X8
they are sold as fuji and are the same price | DVD -R |
(i just bought 10 of those and are real TY)

I have sent an e-mail to them and they have confirmed it’s Tayo Yuden (YUDEN000T02). Unfortunately, the shipping costs to Portugal are 15, €.

I can confirm the Fujifilm DVD+R discs I bought from have media code “YUDEN000T02” and are “made in Japan”, I got their packet earlier this morning.
And as they told me, shipping costs to many European countries are now set to 15 euro.

Tell me something, slightly off bargain basement topic…but if TY media is the dogs doo da’s why don’t they market their own product worldwide? Surely they’d make a small fortune since they could charge a little extra for quality…

Personally I just don’t get it, since where to get TY media seems to be a perpetual topic of conversation here, logically it would sell very well…