Alternative CD burning software

I have been trying to get some answers to a problem I have burning CD lately (today, I think) with Nero 6.x and would like to know what alternative I have to think about.



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I’m using Pinnacle Instant CD-DVD 8 and it works fine.
For packet writing I suggest SAI WriteDVD Pro.

Some freeware burning applications:

Data & Audio

Audio only

Feurio isn’t really freeware - though you have an indefinite trial period so long as you don’t want to use beta versions.

I liked it so much I paid for it - it’s really not that much money (US$29). I believe it’s the best program there is for audio work.

I’m using Nero (with InCD and Feurio 1.67 (with the 1.67.2 driver update to support my NEC ND-2500A).


You could also try burnatonce . Outstanding audio app and quite good for data too.

Much thanks to all… I would like to resolve my Nero-glitch first but will check out.


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Originally posted by 0pensource

what alternative I have to think about

Let me put it this way > as for audio, there is NO alternative to Feurio!®

I posted another question in this forum (redundant), but am so impressed with your belief in Feurio that I’m downloading it as we speak.
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CDburnerXP-Pro has a LOT of potential now that it handles ISO images.

If they add 1:1 CD opying and DVD recoding, that will be a great general-purpose burning app.

Also…if you want to try the integrated WinXP burner software, ad this to it, the ISO Recorder Powertoy…

Scroll down the page a bit to the download link.

It integrates into the WinXP shell and is available in Explorer…right-click on a CD-ROM or ISO file and the options are in the drop-down context menu.