Altering Subtitle Size

Hi all,

I’ve just discovered this excellent piece of software - ConverXtoDvd but am unsure how to alter the size of the subtitle.

I am converting a film with .srt and .idx subtitle files (which appear as strange symbols and characters when viewed through notepad). It seems that no matter what I set the size and style to in the program I get a totally different output often too small and sometimes different colour subs. Is this all determined in the .srt and .idx files???
Would it help to alter the size of the font of these files in Notepad??

Any help would be appreciated.


Notepad is not helping here, only way to change it is to alter it from ConvertXtoDVD main window after you have added (or program found) subtitles by clicking subtitles, then rightclik to get to options where you can change all properties.